VHP Affiliate Rewards Program

So you want to help? I would absolutely love that! There are some requirements though. An affiliate certainly has a job to do. As a VHP affiliate you hold a coveted position. You could almost consider it a job... Essentially, you do some work to help spread the word about VHP, and you're rewarded with photos in a variety of ways! Sound interesting so far? Keep reading!

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What is required?

First off, you've gotta be on my email list! Friends of VHP Subscribers know everything there is to know about the business and how things flow - and you've got to at least know the basics about working with me! (Psst, it's okay if you're not yet - that is fixable. Click here to subscribe!) As far as this whole affiliate program, let's dive in. There will be details in the application on the next page for you to go over specifics. There are contractual terms and certain duties required for each reward (more on that below) that you can earn. You are expected to only use VHP as your photographer for services during the length of time agreed upon in the contract. Please make sure you are willing and excited to go through each of the outlined requirements! The more you do, the more rewards you will earn. As I mentioned above, these requirements are listed in further detail on the next page, but they include things like; sharing the photos I post of your session, tagging yourself, and tagging your friends when applicable, commenting and participating on various posts, directing friends to my email list, and of course sending friends to me that book their own sessions.  Not too bad? Still interested? Alright - we're lookin good... Keep on keepin on! Find out below what I'm looking for! 

Who fits the part?

Essentially, I need someone for each group of photography that I do! So if you've seen my website, my facebook, my live videos, my instagram... any or all of the above... lol you know that I say "Growing Families and High School Seniors." is my genre. High School Seniors is obvious. I will select multiple seniors! I need a few seniors from the class of 2018.  "Growing Families" is a fairly wide range.  You can apply for the program and select from the following for your session type:

  • posed or lifestyle newborn
  • outdoor or in-home lifestyle maternity 
  • outdoor or in-home lifestyle family

During 2017, I will select only one from each category. If you fit - Let's move on and find out more about the rewards shall we?!

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Why should you want this job?

You will be booked for one session as an affiliate! This is a super-fun privilege! You become a helping hand and a voice for my business. Most clients will naturally go through a lot of the motions that I will ask of you anyway, so it isn't a hard set of tasks, they're just so very helpful in that good-ole-word of mouth marketing, and the exciting part is that you'll be rewarded for them! You'll also see your beautiful photos come across social media and the blog more often than normal so that you have the opportunity to earn what you're hoping for! If you apply, agree to the terms of the contract, and are chosen: you will receive a 40% discount on your session fee. THEN - Based on the work outlined above (and listed in more detail on the next page) you will be able to earn your digital files, credit toward prints & products, and percentage discounts on additional purchases and future session fees. 

So what do you think? If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, but you're still interested, go ahead and shoot me a message right over here. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might be kicking around. BUT - if you're ready - go Apply Now!