Sneak Peak before the Sneak Peaks

Oi. So I already have about 6 sessions I need to show you all! Not all are edited yet...  BUT I'm most excited about the maternity session I did! I used Ronda as my first maternity shoot guinea pig... and I'm SO glad I did! Ronda is so fun! And for sure one of those people that just meeting her makes me hope to be her friend. Her smile is infectious and she's so cheery! She has loved her pregnancy and you can see the excitement she has of welcoming her little girl in a couple of weeks! I simply love seeing mammas that have enjoyed their pregnancies! Anyway,

This Sneak Peak before the Sneak Peak blog is ACTUALLY meant to show you the logo I"ve been working on... I think I'm finally done :) I'd like a little bit more done to it - but getting into copyrights and whatnot... I can't quite get the images I want, without buying them.. So I mono-toned (not actually referring to the lack of color  it, made it "modern" and updated... and I think it actually turned out quite good :) I had to share the tidbit about Ronda because I "tossed" it on a few of her pictures to show you :) (haha, learning the ropes of Photoshop WITH light room is making "tossed" harder than it sounds... but I'll get there. no fear!)