So I'm shooting a 40th Birthday party tomorrow night! Its at a bar... and the lighting is going to be less than ideal I'm sure. *sigh* I'm nervous because I don't have any lighting equipment so i'm going to be relying on my pop-up flash. I think I'm going to stop by a camera store tomorrow evening on my way and grab a diffuser for it.  I warned my client (the birthday girl) that pictures from an event as such - are not going to resemble my portrait work (which is what she had seen already) but she was okay with that :) On another note: I have been contemplating doing a 365 photo challenge (A photo a day for 1 year) And while I dont feel like it would be hard for me...I'm scared to start because I'm afraid i'll forget! Thats my biggest hangup, and something you might learn about me through my future blogs... I'm forgetful. Example #1: Today I ordered Pizza... and when I opened the door - the pizza guy pointed out that i had left my keys in the door on the outside. Ooops. not so bad when we lived in small town, usa. But we live in a city of 5 MILLION people now... some of which, I'm sure - are thieves and robbers.  Bwah haha.

Moving on. This evening I've been discussing my photography business with my friend Debbie... (who you can find here) and she was encouraging me on how important business cards are. I've been meaning to get some done... But I keep putting it off - partly because I basically have 3 businesses that I need cards for and i dont know that I want to have 1 for all of them, but I also don't want to carry around 3 kinds. BUT I need to start somewhere right? And Photography is what is going to benefit the most from business cards I'm sure. I had planned on putting one of my favorite photos on the front, with  my logo, and then info on teh back... but she gave me the idea of doing some different sets so I can target different groups :) - like 1 with a Maternity Shot, then 1 with baby portrait... etc so i can place them all over and put them where they're going to grab the right people. Then at the same time, I dont have to choose just 1 photo for all my cards :) woo hoo! The other great idea that came from her is that I should try and barter with a local print shop to get free business cards for a photo session :) I know I can get vista print cards, but with my own photo they wouldn't be free.. Not expensive though-  so we'll see.

Side Note: I think I'm gonna go to bed early tonight :)

So what are your thoughts, oh few readers, on the 365 project...? That's what I want to know. Would anyone be interested in doing it with me? its  a big commitment!