Wish List

Ah to dream! 1st off... I really need to get a better camera bag... But I dont want to go practical only! I'm lookin for STYLISH :) lol... who knew. I haven't ever seen these in person, but I've seen them all over the internet... My photographer-friend and inspirationNathalie Mazo, had a backpack style bag last year when I saw her... granted her photography has probably outgrown it by now, because well.. she = amazing. :) haha, anyway - I know I need something like that on the inside.. but I'm thinkin I'm going to swing more towards the purse style bags... (if i remember right, Nath was looking at going that way at one point too. not sure if she ever did.... because we're SO good at keeping in touch... *sheepish smile*) ;) (I love you Nathalie!) I absolutely LOVE these camera bags... My dear friend Rose, (also another inspiring photographer friend in my life!) shared this website with me.. I thought that all that were out there were sorta cute messenger style bags, and Kelly Moore designer camera bags.. which were my favorite until..... Jo Totes!

Ok so thats my wish list item number 1...

To be continued on another day!