Adjusting my thoughts?

I feel that I hide behind settings, and editing presets sometimes... like I don't trust myself to do it good enough manually.I have that same feeling about my camera lens.. I'm scared of using a fixed lens, I've heard good things about them, but today while talking to my photographer friend Rose, was telling me how shes a prime lens kinda girl... and I really had never even had the desire to look into them. I like the option and the safety of changing my focal length. However, I started reading up on the positives of having a prime lens... and I've read so many great things! I think I might be convinced!! The basic overall opinion I've gotten from amateur to pro photographers, is that it will make you a better photographer.. So.. there ya go!

After comparing and looking at reviews upon reviews and comparing prices and such... I"m leaning towards making the Canon EF Lens - 50 mm - F/1.8 my next investment. There is a Canon EF lens 50mm that is f/1.4... but its a bit more than I want to invest just yet. So... anyway - Any comments or suggestions on this issue are welcomed :)