A photo a day....

I've been wanting to start blogging a photo a day... For a few reasons:1: I love the challenge of SEARCHING for a photo op 2: I want to stretch and Challenge my photography composition creativity 3: Get used to posting regularly

So now that I have an iPhone.... The whole photo a day thing is going to be so much more convenient for me. So my photo a day blogs are not necessarily for the benefit of potential clients to be able to see my portraiture, but to improve my skills with the eyes of some watching the process :) I'm excited!! Can't wait to see what things I come up with :) I'm gonna really try for 365 days in a row!! :) No photo post just yet! We're going to the zoo in a little while so I think I'm gonna save the kick off photo for that :)

If you're dying, sitting on the edge of your seat, impatiently waiting for new portrait session blogs... like I'm sure so many you are, I have one done ready to be blogged about and a couple waiting to be edited then blogged about.... So never fear... You'll get your fix soon... Hopefully ;)