Photo of the Day Delay!

So, if you noticed, in the last photo of the day "Day 18" I got myself a new camera. Bwaaaaaaaaah! I'm so in love :) BUT when I got that - focusing on pictures with my iphone didn't happen... nor did getting any pictures from my camera for a while. The files are so big on this camera... which is wonderful.. but not when you only have 12 Gigs left on your 650 Gig computer hard drive and no external. SO I am in the process of cleaning up the computer and backing files up to my FLICKR PRO account... And I freed up over 30 gigs just by backing up my first month.

Anyway - POINT BEING, I finally have space on my computer and am getting shots in... So give cut me a little slack if you dont mind.. Not like any of you are knocking down my e-door to post my daily photo.. But still.. :) I'll have daily photos caught up soon! I'll probably still do iphone photos out of convenience, but I'm too in love with my new camera/lens combo to pass up posting pictures from that :)

Stay Tuned!!


Oh and note to those of you viewing my portfolio (which by my stats - a lot of you are :D) I posted the link to my FB because I have so many more pictures on there...