Winter Wonderland Contest - I Heart Faces

Over at IHF The contest this week is "Winter Wonderland"I Heart Faces Well... If you dont know... I'm in Phoenix. Winter = a high of 75 today. However, I REALLY wanted to enter. Ive never entered before, but always watched the contests... Today I decided I'd fabricate something wintery :)  I bribed Brooke with a little candy to get her to sit in one spot for a while, and smile and do silly things :) You can see in my previous posts some of the other photos.. I had a hard time deciding!! I LOVE this Photo! Shes so cute :) Not to brag or anything! (Think I need more :)'s??) So here is my entry! It certainly portrays a winter wonderland! We're lucky to have a lot of blue around so the color bouncing off of the white backround area happened naturally! She ended up too hot with the scarf on by the end :)

Winter Wonderland Fabrication! :)