So I have dates set for a visit to Northern California! Aka: Home :) If you aren't familiar with the area - and you immediately think: San Francisco... or Napa Valley... nope. Keep going North. :) Just stop before you get to Oregon. :)We're planning a trip back to visit from July 17-31st! Can't wait for visits! I'm working on filling the first week with sessions - the 18th - 22nd. Morning shoots and evening shoots for best light! SO if you know anyone in the area send them my way! Gotta finance my travels! I'm also working on setting some dates for a visit to Orlando area, Dont have any dates yet - but if I have some good interest and anyone that might have specific events they want me there as a photographer for... I could maybe work my trip around those dates... SO - Hurry and let me know :) Vacationing for work sounds like a blasty!

Just because I can't possibly post 2 blogs in a row with no photos! Here's a cute little snap i grabbed of Brooke yesterday!! <3 her!