Heather and Jared!!!

Okay! So its been a while since I've updated.... *oops*!! And with how crazy my next few months will be I can tell you it'll probably be a while before I update again! BUT Facebook photos are always changing and updating so at least I have you all hanging on by something :)I can't help but share some *ahem* photos from this weekend! I usually try not to use *ALL* my favorites for previews.. but there are SO many great ones I just couldn't help myself! These two make a beautiful couple! Heather and Jared had a beautiful small intimate wedding in Sedona... Before this weekend, I had only met them officially when we met to talk about the contract - and not having seen them since that day... They were SO personable... and seemed to enjoy our portrait time after the wedding as much as I did... :) The ceremony was BEAUTIFUL, and I couldn't help but tear up when Heather was walking down the isle! I can tell these two like to have fun and must not ever endure a dull moment :) The beautiful bride and groom:

<no fun at all right? ;)>

Congratulations you guys!! All the exciting previews are up on Facebook in their own special album :)  :)