Air Travel with Children! AHHHH Pinterest Please Save Me!

Well Well, the time has finally come. I have 2 kids that have to have their own tickets and seats for an airplane trip! They have great attention spans if I allow them to be absorbed in electronics forever... but to be honest - that is not my favorite thing. 
So I went on the hunt for things to keep them busy on the plane that does not involve me packing One MILLION things, but also sustains them for a while without solid dependance on electronics. Don't get me wrong. I'm good with iPad distractions here and there... and there are times where it is important for sure! But I wanted some alternatives..
So where does a mom in this day and age turn when she needs ideas?! You've got it! PINTEREST!
So that being said - I took the liberty of compiling some Air Travel Tips together on this Pinterest Board... right here: 
What are your favorite traveling with children on the airplane type of tips!? 

My very favorite tips are:

  • Individual bags with their own sectioned treats, drinks, and toys! 
  • Packing away DIFFERENT stuff for the return flight!
  • Lollipops (healthy ones!) for the takeoff and landing time frames! 
  • And kiddo eye masks for making trying to sleep a FUN thing! 

Here is the pinterest board with LOTS of other fun ideas! <3
Click Here for the Pinterest Board

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