Yreka Photographer - Fun Photog Swap

This girl! She is pretty awesome, beautiful inside and out! We met a long time ago through mutual friends and reconnected a couple of years ago over our mutual Starbucks addiction when I was working there... and she was the most frequent flyer who didn't actually drink coffee! Any other Baristas here in Yreka know her as Tall Double Chocolaty Chip with half a banana.  HA!

It took us a while to finally nail down photo swapping times but we eventually both took turns in front of the other's camera. Always an experience for a photographer to be on that side! Taylor totally knew what she was doing and rocked it though! Even though it was so stinking cold that we almost gave up! She brought her beloved pups too :) The dogs were troopers and I'm so glad we did this! Fur Babies make it more fun, and she made it look easy for a photographer to be on the other side of the camera! Can you even tell that she was close to turning blue from how cold it was!?