"Mompreneur" Spotlight: Carrie Ann Fitness



Today's feature is my dear friend Carrie. I needed to share her gym session photos - So I thought I would share a bit more about who she is, what she does, and how she can help you!  Carrie and I started lifting around the same time a couple of years ago. This girl took off! I've had my on and off times since then, (sometimes much longer off than on) as we all do as moms I'm sure.  But this girl made me proud and went and got her Personal Training Certificate, and created CarrieAnn Fitness. She hosts fitcamps and In-Person training... but she also is accessible online! You should really take a look at all of the things she has to offer you! Read on - and enjoy this little spotlight: 

If you only have a few seconds in an elevator with someone - to share who you are and what you
how would you share your "elevator pitch?"
I am a mom with a passion for helping other women achieve their fitness goals, whether it be losing the baby weight or building muscle to be a strong, confident woman!

What difference do you hope to make in the lives of people that you work with? I would love for women to stop being so hard on themselves! Love the beauty within and let me worry about the outside. 

If there is one main issue about fitness that you have noticed is commonly misunderstood, what would that be? There is no magic weightloss pill! The real secret to fat loss is all about calorie intake! No shake, wrap, or pill is going to give you the long term results you want. You have to make a change to your lifestyle. 

How can those in your area take advantage of your services? Locally I offer a fitcamp, one-on-one personal training and nutrition guidance. 

What do you have to offer someone like me, a busy mom that is not local to you? I can offer you nutrition guidance along with my recipe guide! Nutrition is the most important when trying to reach a goal! I can also offer in-home or gym workouts and weekly check-ins via email!

Is there anything else you want the world (okay, ok, my handful of followers) to know more about you or your business?  I just have a passion for helping others! My prices are very reasonable for this business because I don't want money to be an issue for keeping you from reaching your goals. 

I also asked Carrie to let us know how to take advantage of your services!  SO: here you go! You. Are. Welcome :D If you're interested in discussing a plan, her recipe guide, a little guidance... get in touch with her via email:
Visit her website at
Find her on Facebook at Carrie Ann Fitness
And get inspired - follow her on Instagram @carrieann_fit

And now - for your inspiration - images from our gym session!



Northern California Fitness Photography - Beach Body Coach Gym Sesh

Miss Amber began her Beach Body Coaching Business last year and has really come into grasping her value as a person, and as a momma, and I can see she has really developed a love of life through this experience! This is what I love about fitness! She wanted to do a session earlier this year to get some photos for her business cards and for marketing. This was a new arena of shooting for me, totally different than portraits, but it was a lot of fun. It calls for a totally different editing style. The dark moody black and whites really make a gym photoshoot pop. We had a lot of fun trying something so new for both of us :) Amber was sore by the time we were done, and for days after, because of all the pull-ups I made her do! Ha!  She works hard, pours her all into what she does, and is a treasure of a human being! So proud to call her friend!