Yreka Newborn - Ollie get's the spotlight

So the other day, I shared Mr. Oliver's Fresh 48 session in the hospital. A few days later he got his chance to pose it baby pictures style. Oliver was settling in great at home! Mom and dad were adjusting well. It was as if he has always been there! He is just a perfect little fit. 
He did really great for our session too. I brought my gear and set up right in the dining room. I've quite enjoyed just soaking up those newborn cuddles during these sessions. And Oliver's was no different! He was a sweet adorable cuddly little guy! Posed Newborn shoots are an art form and it's impossible not to love their sweet little features! But sometimes getting them to sleep for those adorable sleepy baby pictures... is tricky.

What are your secret weapons to get your babies to sleep? You don't have to be a newborn photographer to need to get a baby to sleep from time to time! During a newborn session I use an app called the baby shusher (I've got the app, but they also have a physical little noise machine too: Seriously moms: If you're looking for the perfect white noise.. you've got to check out the Baby Shusher) And then there is the swaddling. Swaddling a baby is a tried and true method.. They like that cozy womb replication... Maybe we should do a swaddling tutorial eventually for those of you who want to master ways to keep those newborns happy!  I have a little secret weapon called the Simple Swaddler. It stays under the beautiful wraps, and keeps them swaddled, so that when I change colors or wraps... they can keep their peaceful swaddled deep sleep, and I just change the outside.  And then there is that magic space to softly trace between the nose and eyebrows that nearly every baby gives into eventually... Ollie cooperated wonderfully; his sweet little sleep provided for a great set of baby pictures that they will faun over for years to come.  In fact their album contains images from the whole belly to baby collection. Mom chose her favorites from the gender reveal, the maternity session and proposal, as well as the Fresh 48 and Newborn sessions. I'm sure they'll cherish that album for a long time! 

Yreka, Ca - Fresh 48 Session Welcoming Oliver!

My sweet friend booked a Belly to Baby Package to cover all of her pregnancy picture needs with the awaiting of baby boy Oliver starting with their gender reveal through their Maternity session that (turned surprise proposal, which you can see here) to his newborn session. 
One of the sweetest moments to capture are within those first few hours of life. I love Fresh 48 sessions for the lifestyle photo look as well as the natural environment. I was able to snag some interactive moments with family members as this sweet boy met special family members and got to just enjoy his moments. 

Siskiyou County Newborn Photographer - Meet Finnley!

   This newborn photography session happened over the summer, and I can’t believe this one slipped by me without writing a post, because this loveable little guy was such a pleasure to photograph! His debut to the lens happened at his family’s home in beautiful Siskiyou County.


   Meet Finnley. Laid back, easy going, and sweet…he seems to get it naturally from his parents, who were equally as calm and cool. That’s perfect because newborn photography can sometimes be unpredictable and dependent on the adorable star of the show!


   Our session took place in the living room of their family home. There was just enough natural light to feature all the soft edges of this darling boy. He was freshly fed, changed, and swaddled, in hopes that he’d fall into a peaceful sleep. He had no intentions of that happening, haha! He was wide-eyed and alert, hanging out like, “Hey guys…what are we doing?” As I mentioned, mom and dad were super flexible, and we quickly turned this newborn session into a lifestyle photography shoot. He did doze off for 10 minutes or so, after we laid him on a blanket, which allowed just enough time for a few serene sleeping shots.  


   The love these two parents have for their son is very tangible. It was evident how much their hearts are swollen with joy and tenderness towards their little Finnley. One of my favorite moments was when they were sitting on the couch; mom holding him in her arms, and dad was cradling Finnley’s head with his hand, very connected as a family. You could see the love, and just know…these two are going to be awesome parents.


medford newborn photographer



   Finnley turned four months old on the 22nd of last month, and he’s just as cute as ever.  He is definitely one I’d love to have back in front of my camera again!


  Are you expecting your bundle of joy in the coming months? If you’re looking for a Siskiyou County, Ashland, or Medford newborn photographer (maternity is always fun too!), I’d love to help you capture this precious and fleeting time! Click here to send a message my way, and let’s talk!  

VHP Beginnings

VHP Beginnings

Take a look at the early days of VHP! They were prodded and prompted by others. Thankful for the growth and the support through the years to continue improving! 

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Twins! With London's Lens

I met London of London's Lens nearly a year ago through a photogs group on Facebook she came to a shoot of mine when I traveled back to Phoenix in September. This trip she asked if I'd like to come a long on a twins newborn shoot! Um Yes please! I love newborns, and have yet to get my camera on a set of multiples - Quite the timing for my trip right!? Enter Derek and Delaney :)  Sweet little twins! I think they were 1 week old at the time? And teeny Tiny!WELL, Babies slept okay on their own to start with, so we figured we'd get shots of them individually... We started with Delaney, then when we went to add Derek in - Derek didn't want to sleep or rest while having his pictures taken... and then neither of them wanted to sleep, and then Derek fell asleep slightly - and Delaney didn't want to sleep...  I didn't have all the time that I usually would for a shoot so I couldn't stick around until it happened because I headed off to another shoot... But Apparently they slept perfectly together to get those adorable cutsey twinsy set up shots after I left :) I told London and Ashley (the mamma) that it would happen that way :) And it sure did! Anyway - I got a few shots of the twins by themselves and took some of London shooting ;) A perk of having an additional photographer with you. Its always nice to have some shots of you in action - so my "previews" consist of a couple of each twin (but not squishily together of course) and a couple of London: one soothing and one shooting :) Enjoy!

I love this one of Derek *below* - "Don't you dare try to sneak this away from me!"

Welcome Trenton!

I had the privilege of capturing this precious family with their new adorable addition, Trenton. Welcome to the world baby Trenton! At just 12 days new, he made such a cute model! I especially loved all his hair!! Once asleep - this little guy did great! He made me work for these pictures, I'll wont lie ;) Bit of a light sleeper! We had to keep it simple for this sweet boy :) But its okay, he worked it! <3 It is way too easy to fall in love with babies! Just sayin!

Long Lost Blog

Sitting here with my coffee... contemplating the things I have to get done today - I decided to get a quick post in. Coffee in hand, some editing in the works... my devotions are over, workout is done, breakfast is done, little one fed, dressed and entertained.. I have a few minutes before I get started on surface cleaning, laundry and working on finding a babysitter for my shoot today!I'm sorry to those of you that still check up on my blog that I haven't been keeping up with my it! I keep telling myself that I KNOW that this is basically what you see of mine if you find me just through a business card! I prefer people check out my work on Facebook because its so much easier to keep recent shoot examples up on there! (hence all the redirection there when you go looking for portfolio examples!) I'm hoping to roll out a new and better website soon after the first of the year... so we'll see how that goes. I like the idea of a blog and keeping you all updated on my shoots, sharing more photos than I do on Facebook... but at the same time its more complicated to get all that up on here... anyway, enough complaining! I'll keep trying, keep plugging away! I've been quite busy! My business has been loaded with sessions because everyone is trying to get them done for holiday photos. I admit I'm a HUGE procrastinator... but its kind of nice to know I'm not the only one!! haha. Last year I KNEW I was going to avoid the holiday procrastination thing... and I ordered my holiday cards early - then as I slowly got them written out... with a little personal note on each... they sat in my desk drawer waiting to be addressed, stamped, and mailed... They sat there and waited... and waited.... haha, June or July came around and they still hadn't gotten mailed out.. And for what!?? Such a procrastinator, I am! I'm really trying to get more organized so I can be more productive! Along with that - my little family and I are beginning to try to adjust our home life to a better schedule. We operate so much better, and more productively when we start our days out right, so our morning routine is set, and its been TRYING to get put in motion - but hasn't quite gotten there yet... :) However we have been eating more sit-down meals at home... I'm starting to cook and prepare a little more, and keep nutrition in focus!! Anyway, enough about my pursuits of better domesticity - Thought I'd share a few of my favorite shots from sessions over the last few months :)