Yreka High School - Jake's Senior Pictures!

Parenting is hard. Those of us that have little kids can only hope that our kids will keep loving us, keep wanting us around. We work hard at training them up only to send them off into the world and cross our fingers, hoping they stay kind and true to themselves, and do good things in the world, and want to come spend time with us when we grow old right? 

Jake is a good kid, an athlete, and kind to top it off. He is sweet to his mom and they (whoever they are... but I've heard it too) say, that's an excellent testament to how a man will turn out.

Leora has done an awesome job raising her kiddos, and she's got two girls coming up behind Jake. He is big into basketball and we focused a portion of his shoot around that. 

Mom wanted to make sure that his session captured who he is... and that is what we aimed for. We started with the tried and true Greenhorn Park for pictures and then explored a couple of other unique locations through our little town of Yreka to get a good variety in this Senior Boy's session so that it turned out to be individual to him. 

Something she has done so well, is enjoying her kids and helping them enjoy life. On more than one occasion I've talked to her about her memories as her kids have gone through their phases of childhood and seems to have pulled off what I as a mom am always trying to remind myself to do: Soak it up. She has taken in every stage: the good with the bad, and appreciated it for what it is. She has very happy and fond memories, but never seems sad that the old days are gone. She has figured out how to enjoy the here and now with her kids. As a parent, I urge anyone reading this to remember to do the same with those around you. Kids or no kids.. 

And Seniors - there is no exception for you here: In fact this is especially important for you. You're entering into a world full of millennials searching to make an impact and keep moving - We live being constantly pressed to keep going and focused on expecting the next great event. But we've got to remember to take in where we are at in life right now, and remember, that you'll never see the world as you do right now... and one day - you'll miss (at least parts of) this phase. 

Thanks Jake for making your session enjoyable, not stiff, and rolling with the ideas that we came up with :) I'm glad you ended up with great images to share with your friends and commemorate your Senior year with! 

Milo Adventist Academy Senior - Miss Kristi

Senior Pictures

There isn't much to make you realize how fast your kids are really going to grow up than watching someone get ready to graduate high school that you remember as a kid. 
Kristi is such a great person... as great as it gets! She is crazy smart, super involved and talented, really kind, and amazing with kids. She is certainly one of those people that makes you just want to be a better person and more kind to those you interact with on any level. 

I asked Kristi to brainstorm and let me know if there was anything we could add in to make sure her session was very much "her." She immediately mentioned that she had highly considered doing her shoot at Greenhorn Park. She has lots of memories growing up there; spending warm days, going on walks and hikes.. etc. And it happens to be a super versatile place to shoot so I was all for it!  We ended up with balloons, talk of travel, and even juggling! 

Senior with Balloons and a Globe

I am seriously intrigued to see what Kristi does in the future and where God leads this girl. She is super talented, involved, has college aspirations, is amaaaaaaazing with kids, wants to travel, and is genuinely a kind and thoughtful person to her core. 

Senior Girl Globe

And did I mention juggling!? Kristi can juggle... and really well too!! <3  It's pretty safe to say we had a great time ;) 

Traditional Senior Portrait




Kristi, my dear... I can't wait to see what your future holds! I know God has big plans for you, and remember to embrace the awesome that He created deep within you! 

Yreka Senior Photography - Alexia

Alexia was visiting Etna from Idaho earlier this summer before school started! Great time for Senior Photos right? Of course. :) So over to Yreka she came so that I could photograph her!
We met at Greenhorn Park and headed up the trails. 
She's a beautiful soul with a heart for adventure and for others! Our short time together during her shoot she shared a bit of her personality with me and what a gem of a girl she is! 

Alexia! I can't wait to see what your future holds! 


Lodi Senior ... in Mt. Shasta for Photos!

It's good news to me when someone comes all the way to lil ole Siskiyou County from Lodi for a shoot. Okay... That's not why she came! But it was a benefit when she came. ;) 
I've known this girl since she was 3.  THREE! I can't even believe it. She is turning 18 soon and growing up to be a really wonderful gem of a person. Like a baby sister I never had, I'm proud to know her and be that "like family" kind of person in her life, and I'm excited for the difference I know she will make in the world. Tali - Be strong. Stand up and lead girlfriend! You've got a beautiful heart, and kind soul, and you've got this! Can't wait to see how God uses you and what your future holds Tali! 

aaaand we kinda had a great time at our shoot ;) It was during this shoot with her I discovered a new favorite location in Mt. Shasta too!  

Now you, dear reader,  have a task - There is something about someone you care about - turning 18 that makes you think back to being 18...  

If you had a chance to go back, and give yourself one piece of advise to yourself at 18... what would it be?

If you're 18 or younger... let me know what is something you've heard as advise that you know will stick with you forever?

Leave your answers in the comments. It'll be good for any seniors scrolling through! <3   Thanks for checking it out - and Enjoy! If you spotted this in your FB news feed, be sure to give it a like and share it with a Senior or a Mom of a Senior :) 




Yreka Photographer Warning - FOR SALE! This is a SALES-Y post!

Haha! I figured I'd fore-warn you! We are all naturally repelled by those creepy salesy posts. "Buy this! You want my services, you know you do!" The thing is they have those silly tricks because... honestly - they kinda work. Mostly because - well - you're likely not just going to come to me unless I remind you that I'm here, especially since my business was kind of non-marketed and sort of hiding for a few years. I'm looking for ideal clients, that value photography as an art and want to invest in making their memories tangible. 

Fall is Prime time for Senior Photos!&nbsp;

Fall is Prime time for Senior Photos! 

I've looked ahead to my calendar for the Fall Season; between now and November I have 32 slots available for sessions. So here is my point: I'm trying to get those sessions pre-filled! Let's prevent the rush of people coming to me in October hoping to get photos done in time to get Christmas cards out! Or seniors that realize - OH NO! I have 3 weeks left to get my Yearbook photo in!  And - we still have some time with the beautiful weather. Get on it!


Are you like Everyone else - Someone that finally thinks of Family Photos for Holiday Cards?... Jump the gun - be ahead of times. Get your Family Session in before the weather changes!

Are you like Everyone else - Someone that finally thinks of Family Photos for Holiday Cards?... Jump the gun - be ahead of times. Get your Family Session in before the weather changes!



I have a trip as well as family coming to visit at the end of September, Wedding to travel to October 1, My bestie's baby is due at the end of November, School is starting (and I'm doing School Pictures for our Church/School this year!) not all in that order... and then of course there is the natural fact that October and November for photographers is like March and April for Accountants. 


SO - What do you need to know? 
My session fee is $169 (it is non-refundable and you need to pay this to get on the schedule). You get to order prints, wall art, albums, gift prints, and digitals at the ordering session that gets scheduled for after I'm done editing. My Print Sets begin at $200 and Clients can expect to invest an average of $1200 for Wall Art Collections. (I offer custom & standard framing, canvases, metal prints, albums, and holiday cards too!)
I will take care of you and help you through the process, even talk you through outfit choices should you need assistance. Your job is to tell me you want a session, sign your contract and pay your session fee, be in touch with me throughout the planning stage (even meet with me to go over everything if you'd like), show up to your session, and then show up to your ordering session after I've done all the editing. Pick your favorites, then I'll help you select your art and prints, and then wait patiently for me to bring them to you tied together with a pretty little bow! 

Now your job is this: Click here to Contact me and tell me you're ready to get on the books for your session this Fall! 

Share this post with anyone you think may be interested in a session this season and earn a Starbucks Gift card after your friend books with me! (make sure they mention your name when they contact me or it won't count!)

I can't wait to work with you! 

Staircase Canvas Gallery to Showcase just a glimpse of a full session!&nbsp;

Staircase Canvas Gallery to Showcase just a glimpse of a full session! 

The Senior Spokesmodel Search is on!

VHP-Senior-Tabi (6 of 47).jpg
Website (172 of 472).jpg

The last time that I did a Senior Rep Program, it was fairly simple. These two lovely ladies did some good work, and even though I wasn't "working" my business much... I've had Seniors coming to me even up to this past year based on these two and their hard work. 
As most of you know, in January of 2016 I went full time with my business. VHP is now Full Service Photography  and I'm focusing on your experience. I want my clients to know they're taken care of, that I'm there to help, to make sure you have a great time in actually capturing your current life season, and making sure that you get prints on your walls.
I've been researching a lot and have compiled so many ideas! I've come up with something that I think is going to be SO much fun... and should be a really great experience. For myself and for my Seniors of 2017!  Take a look at the launch page. I encourage you to send this, forward this, share this... whatever works for you, to anyone you know that fits the criteria or to a parent that you think would be interested! I just know this whole thing is going to be a blast and I can't wait!! 

Senior Portrait Session at the Train Depot

What a fun Senior Session! Anna contacted me mid-summer to schedule her senior photos. She is friends with a few of my previous Senior clients in years past. I really haven't done much in the way of marketing just due to my schedule, so I was delighted to hear that she liked shoots from the last few years so much that she kept me in mind when it came to her own (and that I had the time to fit her in!)!She's spunky and was fun to shoot! She was up for whatever and good at it! Thanks Anna for being such a great sport and climbing up into a train where we weren't sure if we'd find transients or not!

Back in action!

Wow, I haven't officially been working my photography business for almost a year - but as I'm compiling some photos to show you what I've been up to in the mean time, I realized I certainly stayed busy enough for being "out."  I seemed to take shoots on ANYWAY - despite not promoting at all. I kiiinda have a little problem with saying no ;) Life is going going going as always! We've moved (yes again, this time locally), we're expecting baby number 2 in June! And we've both been working full time! I recently went back down to working only 3 days a week at my "real job"  - to save on daycare and gas costs! And am now I'm using that time to take care of our home and coming back to my business!

Being in this profession can be rough in a small town, There are a lot of photographers out there... But! It'll be just fine :) I take pride in doing my best to create something with an extra "umph" and a bit of "something different." And those looking for what I offer, will be happy with that!

I believe it was last summer that I posted any full preview sets... (A couple weddings, and some senior portraits) So the photos to follow are a bit of everything since that time.

Don't forget to check out what I offer and what to expect for investment in the "Prices" tab. And enjoy staying up to date with me on by liking Valisa Henderson Photography on Facebook!

McKenna {Portraits}

McKenna! Oh McKenna! My "meant to be" meetup has blossomed into such a sweet friendship!McKenna was with her friends at Scottsdale Civic Center a year and a half ago now? They were taking pictures of each other... and I was sitting there waiting for a client, just people watching and waiting..... I spotted the 3 of them trying to get pictures not often getting one with all 3 in the picture, mostly taking pictures of each other... So after waiting 20 min for my client, and not hearing from her... I approached McKenna, Lilly and Sami, and offered to take some pictures of them - I did it with my camera, I told them I was expecting to do a shoot anyway so I might as well do it of them! :) I used my camera - but let them know I'd treat it like a regular mini shoot and edit them before I gave them the pictures - and then had a bit of fun w/ the three of them :) They all became my friends on FB and liked my photography page so they could see the pictures when I posted previews... and then - I stayed in touch with McKenna mostly - she seemed to be the one interested in the photography - she was the one with the camera, AND it turned out she lived less than 2 min from our apartments.  So it was easy to get her the disc...  she asked questions about photography - loved my help with her pictures for school.... eventually she began babysitting for us... :) She fit right in to our family!! <3 If you're a client - you probably recognize McKenna :) She comes with me on a lot of shoots to practice... her passion for life, happy fun loving attitude, and joy when taking pictures and "getting it right" is so sweet and contagious! I love having her around!! Today is her birthday (her "Sweet 16" I might add!)  so I thought I'd make sure to get her previews up from her shoot when I was back visiting in Phoenix  :) Happy Birthday McKenna!

As I remind all clients: Please remember, you will receive a disc of your photos with no logo on them. Please do not crop out or hide logos (even when using as a profile picture on Facebook). Feel free to share these pictures, the blog post, etc... These are meant to hold you over while waiting for your disc - Encouraged use: sharing, using as profile pictures, tagging friends.. etc

Close Connections

I just LOVE seeing unbreakable bonds and this family has just that :) A few family portraits and then a full shoot of Breezi - the recently graduated sister :) I had a great time with them... They even tried to give me the most adorable puppy ever. Which I turned down, but Stormi had fallen in love already - so SHE kept her... :) I thinks she's grateful :) anyway - I digress. I had a great time during this shoot!! Breezi was excited about getting her senior pictures done, which makes it even more fun... I could have kept shooting all day!

Oh So Posh

Can't tell you how inspiring Lidia with Oh So Posh Photography is....She is one of the most real and inspiring "big names" in the blogging slash Facebook world of photographers....  She has over 40,000 fans on Facebook and she manages to stay real, personal and connected. Tons of photographers know of her because of the striking photos and edits she produces! She sells her Photoshop actions and I'm a new owner of them :) I knew I'd have a learning curve...I struggled at first because I edit 95% in Lightroom .. I'm SO comfortable with my work flow in LR and only dabble in CS5 when I need to... And I'm cool with using it for Logos or design stuff.. but anyway - blah blah - I'm going to change that thanks to Lidia and her awesome actions! I found my niche when playing with the actions... needless to say - I'm really excited.... I have much more "playing" and practicing to do... but I LOVE this first result! Here is a before and after.... The before is SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)- My original edit of this (the one delivered to my client) wasn't too far off of this... simply because I really loved the SOOC (Loving SOOC is what I work towards... And I accomplished that in this)... so it was enhanced a just little upped the blacks,  popped the color and contrast a little... If I had nothing else going on in my life I"d sit down and re-edit from all my past shoots! <3 haha. Anyway - on with the show! This was a simple combo of Carnival Lights and Moroccan Spice and i tweaked some parts of it - Its not extravagant... nothing looks fake or over done.... It just has SUCH a gorgeous glow and pop to it! Plus it helps that Aly is BEAUTIFUL!

PS - Here is a Plug!  Aly is a 2012 Senior graduating this year <3 She was going to be a 2012 senior rep but because we moved back to this area after school started, and didn't even get this shoot in until late in the year - pretty much all her friends had their Senior Pictures done already...  I was late to the Senior Pictures game this year! But I'm getting an early start for 2013 seniors!!! If you're interested in being a 2013 Senior Rep - Click here to Fill out the Senior Rep Application! You can get your Sr Pics for Free as well as earn awesome prizes! I'll be announcing the 4 reps April 18th!