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Wall Art for the Win! With a Special Offer!

Organic Bloom Vendor Yreka California and Medford Oregon

If you remember a few weeks ago I posted this photo on social media: 
I'm so very excited to be a vendor for Organic Bloom Frames.  They are hand made, hand painted and SO customizeable you can't even believe it. 

I simply love seeing photos on the wall. Do you remember a grandparent, or mom and dad, or an aunt maybe, that had their hallways just lined with photos?  It really takes you somewhere mentally to stare at collections of photos on the wall or flipping through a box of polaroids or prints. I just love it! That is a huge loss that our culture has began to suffer from the digital age. Trust me. I love digital. I really do. I'm among the first to admit I've been terrible about keeping up on prints for myself. I have done a few books and albums that I just LOVE. Nothing replaces a photograph in physical form. And now that a beautiful wall display is coming back into popularity. These Organic Bloom frames really give wall art photo collections an awesome pop. 

Over the last couple of weeks, I had the privilege of designing a wall for my sister in law! She has a single canvas collage up on her wall that I did for her a few years ago. She sent a photo of it to me one day and said "This looks so lonely" and let me know she was wanting to get some canvases or prints for the wall from a later Anniversary session that we did. 

I began designing! 

We had a lot of options flowing through the conversations: One of my favorites was this: 


Midnight Blue and Sunkist Organic Bloom Frame

Aubrey sent me a variety of photos she thought to use, there were a few candids of she and her hubby with their Husky Pup Baxter - And I still had the anniversary photos she wanted on my external hard drive.  

I designed a few options that make it appear right on her wall and we discussed what works and what doesn't work.  Ultimately I think we both really loved the blue and yellow and how well it worked - but she wanted to make sure it was more of a neutral color palette. And this is what we ended up with: 

Final Design Organic Bloom

I literally just placed the order today. The mix of canvas/framed prints I love... and I think it'll grow nicely up the stairs if they decide to add on and should re-organize nicely should they ever move to Yreka. ;) haha. Or ya know. Wherever.

Do you want to get in on this action? Read on - and Congratulations on making it through my chatty-mcchatterson-blog.
You tell me your interested by leaving a comment here in this blog with your email address! I will send you an email with details and requirements on how we go about this process. Should you decide to take the leap - I will take a design deposit from you of $100 which will be non refundable but applied to the total cost of your order (Frames begin at $295). Then I will begin designing - we will come up with something that you just. LOVE. I guarantee it!  Be an early adopter and get in on this awesomeness. I am going to give away 3 SPACES to the first people that decide to have me design an Organic Bloom collection for them. These spots will be highly coveted I'm sure - as there will be some great Specials that will be marvelous and quite generous. Mostly because I want you to experience these frames. Seriously. Like Seriously. 

This is a decent investment on your part, oh customer. but These frames. I'm tellin you. And pair them with a special memory - bring out the color of the binky that your baby never used to be able to live without but is a trigger style reminder of how little and innocent she was then now that she is hitting kindergarten? Swoohoooon-worthy.  I can work in whatever photos you want, You can do a grow with me collection of all your kiddos years... we can create a generation wall so that your kids can hold onto actual photos of you guys on your wedding day along with grandma and grandpas? These photos ... they don't have to be mine. (But if they aren't, and they're professional i'll need a print release OR You're welcome to simply order just frames if you want to kinda DIY) You will be blown-a-way by the color and style options seriously. We can compeltely customize this whole thing AND They use Benjamin Moore Paint - You can request anything that they don't have listed! ANYTHING that they offer at www.benjaminmoore.com  SO You could match an accent wall! You could take a double frame and make the inside frame match your wall and the outside color be the color you wished you would have painted but you weren't brave enough to go that bold! (*raised hand*)  hahaha!  The options are endless... and I know that could get overwhelming.. BUT Thats why you order from a vendor, like myself.... I'll ask questions - see what you're hoping for/looking for and I'LL put together a few things that you can tweak and choose from. 

If you're interested in one of the 3 special design spots I'm offering - Comment below with your email and I'll send you the 3 Space Special pricing info, requirements and everything you'd need to know to get started with a Design-Special Space! 
Frames begin at $235 - and your design deposit will be $100 to get moving (Non refundable but applicable to your frame costs!) 

Can't wait to work with you!! 


Yreka Photographer Warning - FOR SALE! This is a SALES-Y post!

Haha! I figured I'd fore-warn you! We are all naturally repelled by those creepy salesy posts. "Buy this! You want my services, you know you do!" The thing is they have those silly tricks because... honestly - they kinda work. Mostly because - well - you're likely not just going to come to me unless I remind you that I'm here, especially since my business was kind of non-marketed and sort of hiding for a few years. I'm looking for ideal clients, that value photography as an art and want to invest in making their memories tangible. 

Fall is Prime time for Senior Photos! 

Fall is Prime time for Senior Photos! 

I've looked ahead to my calendar for the Fall Season; between now and November I have 32 slots available for sessions. So here is my point: I'm trying to get those sessions pre-filled! Let's prevent the rush of people coming to me in October hoping to get photos done in time to get Christmas cards out! Or seniors that realize - OH NO! I have 3 weeks left to get my Yearbook photo in!  And - we still have some time with the beautiful weather. Get on it!


Are you like Everyone else - Someone that finally thinks of Family Photos for Holiday Cards?... Jump the gun - be ahead of times. Get your Family Session in before the weather changes!

Are you like Everyone else - Someone that finally thinks of Family Photos for Holiday Cards?... Jump the gun - be ahead of times. Get your Family Session in before the weather changes!



I have a trip as well as family coming to visit at the end of September, Wedding to travel to October 1, My bestie's baby is due at the end of November, School is starting (and I'm doing School Pictures for our Church/School this year!) not all in that order... and then of course there is the natural fact that October and November for photographers is like March and April for Accountants. 


SO - What do you need to know? 
My session fee is $169 (it is non-refundable and you need to pay this to get on the schedule). You get to order prints, wall art, albums, gift prints, and digitals at the ordering session that gets scheduled for after I'm done editing. My Print Sets begin at $200 and Clients can expect to invest an average of $1200 for Wall Art Collections. (I offer custom & standard framing, canvases, metal prints, albums, and holiday cards too!)
I will take care of you and help you through the process, even talk you through outfit choices should you need assistance. Your job is to tell me you want a session, sign your contract and pay your session fee, be in touch with me throughout the planning stage (even meet with me to go over everything if you'd like), show up to your session, and then show up to your ordering session after I've done all the editing. Pick your favorites, then I'll help you select your art and prints, and then wait patiently for me to bring them to you tied together with a pretty little bow! 

Now your job is this: Click here to Contact me and tell me you're ready to get on the books for your session this Fall! 

Share this post with anyone you think may be interested in a session this season and earn a Starbucks Gift card after your friend books with me! (make sure they mention your name when they contact me or it won't count!)

I can't wait to work with you! 

Staircase Canvas Gallery to Showcase just a glimpse of a full session! 

Staircase Canvas Gallery to Showcase just a glimpse of a full session! 

Siskiyou County Photographer goes to Phoenix

Haha! BIG trip right? It is when you're driving from lil ole Siskiyou County all the way down to Phoenix. Not Phoenix, Oregon, that wouldn't be that big of a trip! haha... but - Phoenix, Az. We headed down there at the end of June. I chose almost the hottest time of the year. Just happened to be when I could make it work! Oi! :) But I loved that we went, lots of visiting and catching up with old friends and my sister! Thankfully we got a break in the heat and it was under 110 the whole time! Even had couple of double digit days. Unfortunately.... it was humid. ugh. Boo Humidity! Monsoons were hitting the first couple of nights I was there. Anyway - Phoenix! Who doesn't talk about the weather when it comes up? ;) So Why Phoenix? It was where I began my business, so I am often able to connect with past photography clients and give myself a trip to visit friends and family courtesy of my business. I'm so very thankful for that opportunity to reach outside of the Northern California and Southern Oregon area once in a while :)
Do you guys remember this blog post from awhile back where I highlighted one of the main women who encouraged / pushed me to actually create a business out of this hobby of mine?  Well here she is again with her family!  They resurface with every trip there. I'm so thankful to have been able to document this family growing up! 
These guys are a fun loving - full spirited family who have a lot of fun together! The girls of course have grown up and changed a ton. It was so fun to see them and re-connect a little bit!

There is no personality in this bunch is there? haha! ;)

Canvas Gallery Display

Canvas Gallery Display

Be sure to head over and Find out More about what you can expect for your own photo session  with VHP! 

Sibling Photos - Keep Remembering Now!

Doesn't it seem like pictures of your kids reminds you of how cute and adorable they were when they were little? Sometimes as a mom, do you look at the photos that capture the past and go, "What was I so stressed about?" "Look how cute and little they were?!" "They were so much more simple to entertain" or something similar? Maybe you find yourself laughing because that little face they made all time, or the attitude they sported for that year (and used to make you grit your teeth or sigh heavily) hasn't happened in a few years and (even if it made you roll your eyes) it kinda makes you smile now? 

Sometimes, (ooor, usually) capturing them now, is more about being able to remember the "now", later.  Having their little faces up on the wall that you walk past every day - can remind you how fast this season will fly by. The most recent photos on your walls and shelves can be 6 months old or older... And you already look at them and see how fast they've grown and how much has changed - when just a few months ago it made me think - look how big they are! Time flies! Thanks to images on my walls, I am being reminded daily to soak it up.

I chose these two to go on and on about this subject - because - well one - I needed to blog about them! haha - two - While I look at these two and am amazed at how big they are... (Quinn is the same age as my oldest, and they were best little buds for their early years as I watched her while mom and dad worked, during that learning to talk and play with friends season of life... That time holds a special spot in my heart!) I know that soon... Mom and Dad will be looking back at these remembering good things about this season, laughing about Declan's little mischievous grin, and surprised at how little they were.  Hold on, Slow Down! 

Aren't they cute?