Melissa and Chris Engaged!

So... I don't think it's new news that Melissa and Chris are engaged :) To people that know them at least... But to ME, I have only really known them a short time. Just met Chris for the first time at the shoot in fact!We met up at a really beautiful lake front park area that is used for a membership facility for seniors. Both Chris and Melissa's grandparents live there... so it shouldn't have been a problem. After our first round of the area with their 1st outfits...Chris went to get Melissa's change of clothes and the office attendants saw us and had a big fit. *rolling my eyes remembering the situation* We lost out on the casual pictures at the lake... But.. we still ended up with a good time and some great shots for casuals at the park down the road :) Melissa and Chris are getting married in September and I can't wait for their wedding! Thought I'd share some of my favorites from their session. Enjoy!

Day 8

Yesterday I not only forgot... But I forgot to be keeping my eye out for a special photo too. So for day 8... I am stuck. Nothing huge or especially eye catching :) just a cute snapshot of Brooke at church...I've decided if I wanna stick this out I'm going to need to set a daily alarm on my phone! Lol

Day 7

Almost forgot to post again! So this was certainly a challenge! I looked back through my pictures from the day and nothing had the elements I wanted.... So I went searching... Only the lights are all off and I don't like using the flash!!! So I needed a light source and when I thought about it.... The light source became the subject :) ps I heart ikea :)

Day 5

(had this picture yesterday but forgot to publish it last night...) Brooke was popping some bubble wrap and I had my great idea for a photo while she was doing it... Couldn't get the shot I was thinking of at all.... But all day while scrolling thru my pics trying to decide which one to use.... This one just kept sticking with me! So here you have it: day 5's photo

Day 2

Day 2 photo of the day :) we did a few things, went on a bike ride, window shopped at ikea and a few photo ops presented them selves... But at the end of the day... I loved looking back having my hubby with me all day ;)Hence photo of the day number two:

Day 1

Ok... So zoo.... Bad place to try and find just 1 photo for the day. Lol. So with day 1 of this 365 challenge... I give you... My first photo of the day: I just can't pass up Brooke!! Ah! I have like 3 other runners-up that maybe I'll share another time... But as for now.... Brooke's eyes in this picture just stole the competition...  Second place was a super cute little [i think baby] fox, and 3rd was a super cool random shot of my zoo membership card :)  But you just get to see Numero-Uno!

A photo a day....

I've been wanting to start blogging a photo a day... For a few reasons:1: I love the challenge of SEARCHING for a photo op 2: I want to stretch and Challenge my photography composition creativity 3: Get used to posting regularly

So now that I have an iPhone.... The whole photo a day thing is going to be so much more convenient for me. So my photo a day blogs are not necessarily for the benefit of potential clients to be able to see my portraiture, but to improve my skills with the eyes of some watching the process :) I'm excited!! Can't wait to see what things I come up with :) I'm gonna really try for 365 days in a row!! :) No photo post just yet! We're going to the zoo in a little while so I think I'm gonna save the kick off photo for that :)

If you're dying, sitting on the edge of your seat, impatiently waiting for new portrait session blogs... like I'm sure so many you are, I have one done ready to be blogged about and a couple waiting to be edited then blogged about.... So never fear... You'll get your fix soon... Hopefully ;)