Fall Leaves

Scott Valley Family - Fall Photos on the Ranch

Once you've got a little one in the picture, the pressure to make sure you capture your family as close to yearly as possible is pretty high! Can anyone else relate? But oh my word, when you have an active toddler... there is always that concern that you're not going to get anything good! 

Do you fall into that fear sometimes? The pressure of needing everyone to look at the camera and make sure your toddlers behave during pictures can be enough to deter you from doing any formal family portraits! That is one thing that I love about the style I've made my own. Sure I'll work you into a posed picture here and there when I can to make sure we can get some "money shots" as I like to call them, but honestly - rolling with the kids and working with them, engaging, playing and having a good time with your family... catches moments you wouldn't otherwise be able to curate. 

Koon Family - 2016 - VHP (7 of 36).jpg

And that is exactly what we did on the Koon's property for our Fall photoshoot! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!!  We had a fun time throwing leaves around and exploring! What do you think? Have you hesitated on a family photo shoot because your little one won't slow down? Maybe this will encourage you to follow up on capturing this season of your life!