Greenhorn Park

Milo Adventist Academy Senior - Miss Kristi

Senior Pictures

There isn't much to make you realize how fast your kids are really going to grow up than watching someone get ready to graduate high school that you remember as a kid. 
Kristi is such a great person... as great as it gets! She is crazy smart, super involved and talented, really kind, and amazing with kids. She is certainly one of those people that makes you just want to be a better person and more kind to those you interact with on any level. 

I asked Kristi to brainstorm and let me know if there was anything we could add in to make sure her session was very much "her." She immediately mentioned that she had highly considered doing her shoot at Greenhorn Park. She has lots of memories growing up there; spending warm days, going on walks and hikes.. etc. And it happens to be a super versatile place to shoot so I was all for it!  We ended up with balloons, talk of travel, and even juggling! 

Senior with Balloons and a Globe

I am seriously intrigued to see what Kristi does in the future and where God leads this girl. She is super talented, involved, has college aspirations, is amaaaaaaazing with kids, wants to travel, and is genuinely a kind and thoughtful person to her core. 

Senior Girl Globe

And did I mention juggling!? Kristi can juggle... and really well too!! <3  It's pretty safe to say we had a great time ;) 

Traditional Senior Portrait




Kristi, my dear... I can't wait to see what your future holds! I know God has big plans for you, and remember to embrace the awesome that He created deep within you! 

Siskiyou County Portrait Photographer - Celebrate 8th Grade!

Leora, Madi's mom, chatted with me at church about about doing a session for Madi to celebrate her 8th grade graduation, and I am so glad we did. I love when clients want to do these (what some consider) "little occasions." Don't save photo shoots for only the big big stuff. Seriously. I believe it is always important to commemorate big and small events with something like a photoshoot! Even non-events and the "slow or mundane times" of life are special!! As parents it happens all too quickly that we look at a photo and say "look how young she was!"  or "I can't believe how long ago that was already!" Pictures help us hold onto memories.

What a crazy time of life! Can you remember that time? I do, and I was terrified. I remember desperately wanting to learn about homeschooling or charter school! haha... I guess it's just that change can be scary, and this age changes are big, and intense. Life right?

You will do amazing Madi! Have an amazing summer preparing for high school, and thank you for being such an awesome subject! ;)