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Missing Out

Are there days you forget to look at your kids? I mean... really look at them. Take a minute and soak up the size of their hands, the way they hug you, how they tell you they love you...

This is an area that I have tried to be so purposeful with with my little ones. Yet I often fail.. because being a parent is hard. And often I get focused on having a minute to myself, getting things done, or getting to the next day, or teaching them responsibility and respect... and how to act... *sigh*  I have to kick myself sometimes into remembering... "Let them be little" 
 I forget so often with my 7 year old. She is getting bigger... her 7 going on 17 tendencies are often something that grate on my nerves. Don't get me wrong. I love her. Deeper than I know what to do with. But sometimes. I tell ya! How do we change that focus? By remembering how we want to be loved, noticing how they love us, Seeing her, listening to her... and truly trying to reciprocate that selfless love she gives me. My goal this week is to love my girl, who seems big... but is certainly still little, the way she wants to be loved. 
My little guy's sweetness is easy to soak up! But man I'm so afraid I will forget some of the ways he does or says things. He's 3.. and that can be trying at times.. His will is getting stronger and his attitude more purposeful sometimes. BUT... with all that 3 year old tude, comes 3 year old sweetness. This kid... He would melt your heart in an instant if you could see him in all the moments I do! 

I think it's time for a shoot for myself and my kids. They are at ages that in just a few short months and years I'll look BACK thinking - "Oh my gosh - look how little they were!" While right now in my eyes they're big.  I keep thinking "SOAK IT UP! Soak it up!"  but our memories get more and more feeble. 

I'm so thankful for how easy documentation is now... as much as I LOVE taking really great portraits... I love that I have more snapshots of my kids than most of us probably have of our childhoods put together. I know the things I remember most - are things I've seen printed pictures of my growing up.  maybe my next shoot for myself and kiddos will be lifestyle. Such a great way to capture what life looks like right now. 

Anyway - the way she still relies on me and seeks me out, the way he smiles and says "iiii wuv yoooou"... might not last forever and I refuse to let it go without documenting it somehow.  So thankful for my little blessings! And for this little soapbox I just created! haha Thanks for joining me on this totally non-business related post! 

What do you notice when you look at your littles? What sticks out to you as things you don't want to forget? Comment below with your thoughts! Sometimes just taking time to point them out helps them last in your memories a little bit longer! <3

Yreka Photographer Warning - FOR SALE! This is a SALES-Y post!

Haha! I figured I'd fore-warn you! We are all naturally repelled by those creepy salesy posts. "Buy this! You want my services, you know you do!" The thing is they have those silly tricks because... honestly - they kinda work. Mostly because - well - you're likely not just going to come to me unless I remind you that I'm here, especially since my business was kind of non-marketed and sort of hiding for a few years. I'm looking for ideal clients, that value photography as an art and want to invest in making their memories tangible. 

Fall is Prime time for Senior Photos!&nbsp;

Fall is Prime time for Senior Photos! 

I've looked ahead to my calendar for the Fall Season; between now and November I have 32 slots available for sessions. So here is my point: I'm trying to get those sessions pre-filled! Let's prevent the rush of people coming to me in October hoping to get photos done in time to get Christmas cards out! Or seniors that realize - OH NO! I have 3 weeks left to get my Yearbook photo in!  And - we still have some time with the beautiful weather. Get on it!


Are you like Everyone else - Someone that finally thinks of Family Photos for Holiday Cards?... Jump the gun - be ahead of times. Get your Family Session in before the weather changes!

Are you like Everyone else - Someone that finally thinks of Family Photos for Holiday Cards?... Jump the gun - be ahead of times. Get your Family Session in before the weather changes!



I have a trip as well as family coming to visit at the end of September, Wedding to travel to October 1, My bestie's baby is due at the end of November, School is starting (and I'm doing School Pictures for our Church/School this year!) not all in that order... and then of course there is the natural fact that October and November for photographers is like March and April for Accountants. 


SO - What do you need to know? 
My session fee is $169 (it is non-refundable and you need to pay this to get on the schedule). You get to order prints, wall art, albums, gift prints, and digitals at the ordering session that gets scheduled for after I'm done editing. My Print Sets begin at $200 and Clients can expect to invest an average of $1200 for Wall Art Collections. (I offer custom & standard framing, canvases, metal prints, albums, and holiday cards too!)
I will take care of you and help you through the process, even talk you through outfit choices should you need assistance. Your job is to tell me you want a session, sign your contract and pay your session fee, be in touch with me throughout the planning stage (even meet with me to go over everything if you'd like), show up to your session, and then show up to your ordering session after I've done all the editing. Pick your favorites, then I'll help you select your art and prints, and then wait patiently for me to bring them to you tied together with a pretty little bow! 

Now your job is this: Click here to Contact me and tell me you're ready to get on the books for your session this Fall! 

Share this post with anyone you think may be interested in a session this season and earn a Starbucks Gift card after your friend books with me! (make sure they mention your name when they contact me or it won't count!)

I can't wait to work with you! 

Staircase Canvas Gallery to Showcase just a glimpse of a full session!&nbsp;

Staircase Canvas Gallery to Showcase just a glimpse of a full session!