8 + 2 = One Big Happy Family!

Yesterday I had the privilege of shooting the Roat family! Kathy works with my husband, Garrett, and contacted me a month or two ago... She and her husband (and his siblings and their spouses) wanted to do a photo shoot for his parents for Christmas. [I'll skip the scheduling mayhem from before Christmas, Kathy :)] They surprised them with the plan on Christmas, and picked a date! That date was yesterday afternoon!I met with them at a park downtown... and Oh boy... I walked up to this GROUP of people... Not hard to find :) lol. Now before hand I KNEW it was Kathy and her family (husband, and 2 kids) and his parents, 2 siblings, and their spouses.... But when I walked up - that looked like a lot more than I was expecting... I have to learn all these names....Here we go! It was really fun though! I learned that for the most part... in shots of 8 adults and 2 kids...when the 2 kids are actually looking at the camera (smiling or not) someone else is either blinking, half blinking (because the eyes are still partway open you may suspect is BETTER than a full blink.... um. yeah. its not. ;) ) or looking somewhere else... DESPITE all that :) I think we did pretty good!

Enjoy your preview Roat Family! Hopefully this holds you over until I get back from vacation and edit the rest of your lots-o-photos :)


Here's where it starts! :)

"The Kids"

And Everyone!

This reminds me of a wedding photo :)

I really liked this random set up :) Time for some with the kiddos and Grandma and Papa...

Which didn't last long... so we had to work on the move :) Everyone has their moments right?  Jette decided she was done... and just plopped down.

Atticus was "done" thru most of the shoot :) But his attention was drawn when the discussion of his prize for after the shoot came up... This was just as the pouting was over... "Hmm? Prize?  OH Yeah!"

Isn't this the sweetest thing!?


How do you all like the shirt? :D

Jette saw a dog! :)

This is about how Atticus felt through the whole shoot :) I was glad to capture it!

Stealing a moment  :)

And the newly weds :)

I loved how the sun-flare/rainbow circles their kiss :)


Hope you enjoyed!

Wish List

Ah to dream! 1st off... I really need to get a better camera bag... But I dont want to go practical only! I'm lookin for STYLISH :) lol... who knew. I haven't ever seen these in person, but I've seen them all over the internet... My photographer-friend and inspirationNathalie Mazo, had a backpack style bag last year when I saw her... granted her photography has probably outgrown it by now, because well.. she = amazing. :) haha, anyway - I know I need something like that on the inside.. but I'm thinkin I'm going to swing more towards the purse style bags... (if i remember right, Nath was looking at going that way at one point too. not sure if she ever did.... because we're SO good at keeping in touch... *sheepish smile*) ;) (I love you Nathalie!) I absolutely LOVE these camera bags... My dear friend Rose, (also another inspiring photographer friend in my life!) shared this website with me.. I thought that all that were out there were sorta cute messenger style bags, and Kelly Moore designer camera bags.. which were my favorite until..... Jo Totes!

Ok so thats my wish list item number 1...

To be continued on another day!