Senior Pictures

Yreka High School - Jake's Senior Pictures!

Parenting is hard. Those of us that have little kids can only hope that our kids will keep loving us, keep wanting us around. We work hard at training them up only to send them off into the world and cross our fingers, hoping they stay kind and true to themselves, and do good things in the world, and want to come spend time with us when we grow old right? 

Jake is a good kid, an athlete, and kind to top it off. He is sweet to his mom and they (whoever they are... but I've heard it too) say, that's an excellent testament to how a man will turn out.

Leora has done an awesome job raising her kiddos, and she's got two girls coming up behind Jake. He is big into basketball and we focused a portion of his shoot around that. 

Mom wanted to make sure that his session captured who he is... and that is what we aimed for. We started with the tried and true Greenhorn Park for pictures and then explored a couple of other unique locations through our little town of Yreka to get a good variety in this Senior Boy's session so that it turned out to be individual to him. 

Something she has done so well, is enjoying her kids and helping them enjoy life. On more than one occasion I've talked to her about her memories as her kids have gone through their phases of childhood and seems to have pulled off what I as a mom am always trying to remind myself to do: Soak it up. She has taken in every stage: the good with the bad, and appreciated it for what it is. She has very happy and fond memories, but never seems sad that the old days are gone. She has figured out how to enjoy the here and now with her kids. As a parent, I urge anyone reading this to remember to do the same with those around you. Kids or no kids.. 

And Seniors - there is no exception for you here: In fact this is especially important for you. You're entering into a world full of millennials searching to make an impact and keep moving - We live being constantly pressed to keep going and focused on expecting the next great event. But we've got to remember to take in where we are at in life right now, and remember, that you'll never see the world as you do right now... and one day - you'll miss (at least parts of) this phase. 

Thanks Jake for making your session enjoyable, not stiff, and rolling with the ideas that we came up with :) I'm glad you ended up with great images to share with your friends and commemorate your Senior year with! 

Yreka Senior Photography - Alexia

Alexia was visiting Etna from Idaho earlier this summer before school started! Great time for Senior Photos right? Of course. :) So over to Yreka she came so that I could photograph her!
We met at Greenhorn Park and headed up the trails. 
She's a beautiful soul with a heart for adventure and for others! Our short time together during her shoot she shared a bit of her personality with me and what a gem of a girl she is! 

Alexia! I can't wait to see what your future holds! 


Photographer of Growing Familes

You know that phrase I like to sprinkle throughout my account page? "Specializing in Growing Families?" Well This is why! These girls surfaced into my business in 2010? 2011? Somewhere around there. And I've had them one other time as well. I seriously can never be not-shocked at how fast kids grow up!! These girls are no different! They're not little kids anymore at all. It is crazy. Absolutely crazy! Thank you Smith's for having me and interrupting your "staycation" in Scottsdale! It's always so sweet to see you again!

It is one of my absolute favorite things, to follow a family as they grow. I love it! Whether it is kids getting bigger or families growing in number, it is all wonderful! 

One thing that sticks with me when I think of them, is that one of my visits back to AZ to shoot, I had these guys for family pictures - and one thing that sticks out in my memory is that they had their Christmas lights on one of those timers that lights it all up to the beat of music! That's the main memory I have of these guys! So random. I know! But it made an impression. haha! Clearly!

Anyway enjoy these beauties!!