Siskiyou County Newborn Photographer

Yreka Newborn - Ollie get's the spotlight

So the other day, I shared Mr. Oliver's Fresh 48 session in the hospital. A few days later he got his chance to pose it baby pictures style. Oliver was settling in great at home! Mom and dad were adjusting well. It was as if he has always been there! He is just a perfect little fit. 
He did really great for our session too. I brought my gear and set up right in the dining room. I've quite enjoyed just soaking up those newborn cuddles during these sessions. And Oliver's was no different! He was a sweet adorable cuddly little guy! Posed Newborn shoots are an art form and it's impossible not to love their sweet little features! But sometimes getting them to sleep for those adorable sleepy baby pictures... is tricky.

What are your secret weapons to get your babies to sleep? You don't have to be a newborn photographer to need to get a baby to sleep from time to time! During a newborn session I use an app called the baby shusher (I've got the app, but they also have a physical little noise machine too: Seriously moms: If you're looking for the perfect white noise.. you've got to check out the Baby Shusher) And then there is the swaddling. Swaddling a baby is a tried and true method.. They like that cozy womb replication... Maybe we should do a swaddling tutorial eventually for those of you who want to master ways to keep those newborns happy!  I have a little secret weapon called the Simple Swaddler. It stays under the beautiful wraps, and keeps them swaddled, so that when I change colors or wraps... they can keep their peaceful swaddled deep sleep, and I just change the outside.  And then there is that magic space to softly trace between the nose and eyebrows that nearly every baby gives into eventually... Ollie cooperated wonderfully; his sweet little sleep provided for a great set of baby pictures that they will faun over for years to come.  In fact their album contains images from the whole belly to baby collection. Mom chose her favorites from the gender reveal, the maternity session and proposal, as well as the Fresh 48 and Newborn sessions. I'm sure they'll cherish that album for a long time!