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Sibling Photos - Keep Remembering Now!

Doesn't it seem like pictures of your kids reminds you of how cute and adorable they were when they were little? Sometimes as a mom, do you look at the photos that capture the past and go, "What was I so stressed about?" "Look how cute and little they were?!" "They were so much more simple to entertain" or something similar? Maybe you find yourself laughing because that little face they made all time, or the attitude they sported for that year (and used to make you grit your teeth or sigh heavily) hasn't happened in a few years and (even if it made you roll your eyes) it kinda makes you smile now? 

Sometimes, (ooor, usually) capturing them now, is more about being able to remember the "now", later.  Having their little faces up on the wall that you walk past every day - can remind you how fast this season will fly by. The most recent photos on your walls and shelves can be 6 months old or older... And you already look at them and see how fast they've grown and how much has changed - when just a few months ago it made me think - look how big they are! Time flies! Thanks to images on my walls, I am being reminded daily to soak it up.

I chose these two to go on and on about this subject - because - well one - I needed to blog about them! haha - two - While I look at these two and am amazed at how big they are... (Quinn is the same age as my oldest, and they were best little buds for their early years as I watched her while mom and dad worked, during that learning to talk and play with friends season of life... That time holds a special spot in my heart!) I know that soon... Mom and Dad will be looking back at these remembering good things about this season, laughing about Declan's little mischievous grin, and surprised at how little they were.  Hold on, Slow Down! 

Aren't they cute? 

Northern California Child Photographer - Cutest Boy!

I just can't even stand it! This little guy - my youngest adorable one is just the sweetest little boy ever. I pray every day that his sweet soul stays sweet as he grows. He has a big heart, is so loving, and is stinking adorable. Certainly blessed to be his mamma!

So for your enjoyment, oohs and ahhs...a sample of Kai's 3 year birthday portraits! Balloons and all! 

Northern California Child and Family Photographer - How I Manage to Capture Your Kid's Authenticity.

Okay Moms... Here is the deal. I am willing to bet you are a lot like me when it comes time to put your kiddo in front of a camera... especially if you are on a client side. Now is the time to smile and quit messing around! Ha! I laugh at myself every time because I honestly struggle with this for my own children. There are some ages where once they smile for you - it's all golden and perfect. And then there are other ages where you get the forced and un-natural Chandler-Bing-Smiles. I get this from my oldest a lot: 

Siskiyou County Child Photographer

Are you kidding me? This was just supposed to be a "smile a little happier." If you know me and have seen my eye roll - this constitutes like a 3 second long one.  HA!  I have to remind myself to chill out sometimes, lol. Please don't get me wrong.. I do get it - This is who they are at this age! This is the real 7 year old.... and now, later as I look back at these goofy captures, I do love it. But as a mom trying to get a good photo we want those happy joyful smiles, and it can get frustrating when they're just "goofing around." 

Yreka Family Photographer

You know what though! Letting it go makes for an amazing photoshoot. I promise! I know it can be hard to let go. Other people's kids are NO problem for me when they start doing this silliness - its the mother's position that makes it seem frustrating. Many many times when I am photographing little kids - I can just feeeeel mom and/or dad doing the same thing I do with my own, (the 3 second long eye roll?) or they voice it: "Come on - Smile for real" "Pay attention,"  and I just chuckle a little inside, and re-assure mom and dad that "It's okay, we're getting some good stuff in the midst of all this and it will turn out great!" 

While I do always try and add some blooper photos and funny faces into the reveal and delivered images (because they make good album additions and memories), I manage to provide families with some real true happy smiles too usually. And here is how:

If I'm photographing your child - you might see me making funny faces with them or asking them questions about themselves and their family. You might see me asking a little girl to fold her arms and look as serious as she can. Maybe you'll see me asking a boy to show me his best tough guy pose. I ask kids to jump, be goofy, let the sillies out... because as each little action, dance move, or serious pose dies down... this is what happens:        They laugh with me a little, they laugh at themselves because they're a little embarrassed, or they think what they did was hilarious - This helps create Authentic giggling smiles!


The goofing off has a purpose for me, so don't tame them down too much. Let them be little. Let's have fun!