Etsy Prints!

I'm working on stock pile of prints that I'm going to sell on canvas! And I'll be making add ons available so those purchasing can have the option to have quotes or scripture added to the print! Can't wait.. I'm going through my repertoire of random images I've captured and getting ready to launch them all at once. :) Should be awesome! Do you have any requests? photographic subjects you'd display in your home??


My dear friend Kambra, lost her nephew, Kameron,  a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately when I was here visiting in July, Kameron was also visiting... And Kambra had the wonderful idea to have a secret photo shoot done of Kameron with me to use as surprise Christmas presents for his family. Due to his passing they're no longer a surprise Christmas present... just cherished photos of the precious life lost.These will fall into the category of "Most Special Photos Ever" for sure.

RIP Kameron... May all those who miss you find some joy in the captures of your smile! For some reason the video embedding isn't working... http://www.facebook.com/v/537560983091