This morning I woke up and reached for my phone. Why is it SO instinctual to just grab it? I began cruising the details and reviews of a marketing set I want to purchase. WORK! It is hard to remember that all that research and study time is work... and I just need to chill! It was 4:45 in the morning!! Relax!! Think! Wakeup! Eesh!!!! I find that it is that way when going to bed before going sleep too... Or When I'm standing in the kitchen trying to do dishes but get distracted by an idea, or remember something I wanted to look for.... Or notice a corner of the dining room that could be a nice little office space... and start looking at Pinterest! Ha!! Tell me I'm not the only one! Now that I'm back to full time photography, I've found that is very difficult to leave work at work... because its right there. All. The. Time. I've been working hard at developing the behind the scenes, restructuring, researching, fine tuning, tweaking, creating spreadsheets, studying, researching, tweaking some more. I read the other day a statement along the lines of, Creative Entrepreneurs: The only people willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40. lol! Isn't that the truth!

When I had that "It's 4:45 in the morning! Relax, Think, Take time to wake up" moment this morning... I decided today would be different. Its a good day to make it different, kids are home, house needs tending to, and I've forsaken my beloved outlet of Bible Journaling Lately... So after putting my phone down... letting myself enjoy the peace while the kids were still sleeping, I had some prayer time, dozed in and out... and when the kids got up... grabbed my coffee, the kiddos got books, and I left my phone in my room, and came to my cozy window chair, with a blanket, no technology, and dove in for a little bit to start my day off right! I need to go back here more often. Its a safe place, a happy place... a place to recharge.


A photo a day....

I've been wanting to start blogging a photo a day... For a few reasons:1: I love the challenge of SEARCHING for a photo op 2: I want to stretch and Challenge my photography composition creativity 3: Get used to posting regularly

So now that I have an iPhone.... The whole photo a day thing is going to be so much more convenient for me. So my photo a day blogs are not necessarily for the benefit of potential clients to be able to see my portraiture, but to improve my skills with the eyes of some watching the process :) I'm excited!! Can't wait to see what things I come up with :) I'm gonna really try for 365 days in a row!! :) No photo post just yet! We're going to the zoo in a little while so I think I'm gonna save the kick off photo for that :)

If you're dying, sitting on the edge of your seat, impatiently waiting for new portrait session blogs... like I'm sure so many you are, I have one done ready to be blogged about and a couple waiting to be edited then blogged about.... So never fear... You'll get your fix soon... Hopefully ;)