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Lodi Lifestyle Maternity Session | Sweet In-Home Belly Captures with the Bestie

Maternity Dark Black and White Lifestyle Image on Bed

Giana and I have been friends since we were first introduced on the phone. We hit it off immediately and back in the day, before we had our first cell-phones, spent hours on the land-line at a time. We are nearing the point where we've known each other for half of our lives... we have seen each other through a lot... and this pregnancy has been no different! I certainly loved watching her grow into a mommy in every way.

It is pretty exciting to watch your best friend begin a family... finally. I say that with all love and kindness... but it is about dang time huh? If you know these two - you probably think the hashtag coined back at their engagement and used at their wedding was pretty fitting: #cgfinally
Expanded to mean: Casey and Giana are FINALLY engaged, Casey and Giana are FINALLY getting married... and I was so amused when they kept it running: #cgfinallyhoneymoon #cgfinallydecorate  haha! It works so perfectly. 

Now... #cgfinallyhaveababy.. and its about time that #CGFINALLYgetfeaturedontheVHPblogforthematernitysessionthathappened3monthsago haha! 

They have put so much love into their first home, so when they suggested doing the maternity shoot as a lifestyle session - I was game! We worked to capture a bit of their life pre-baby and a little small glimpse of the prep that went into getting their home ready for their new addition. And plus, this meant we got to include the gloriousness that IS their bullmastif Parker. The official first child of this family.  <3

They live quite a distance from me in Lodi but that doesn't stop me from traveling all the way there for a session from lil ole Siskiyou County because... well. I wouldn't miss this! If you're a Lodi local feel free to hop on my email list to be ready to schedule a shoot next time I open up for bookings. I will always accept another reason to travel to visit these peeps!