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Siskiyou County Newborn Photographer - Meet Finnley!

   This newborn photography session happened over the summer, and I can’t believe this one slipped by me without writing a post, because this loveable little guy was such a pleasure to photograph! His debut to the lens happened at his family’s home in beautiful Siskiyou County.


   Meet Finnley. Laid back, easy going, and sweet…he seems to get it naturally from his parents, who were equally as calm and cool. That’s perfect because newborn photography can sometimes be unpredictable and dependent on the adorable star of the show!


   Our session took place in the living room of their family home. There was just enough natural light to feature all the soft edges of this darling boy. He was freshly fed, changed, and swaddled, in hopes that he’d fall into a peaceful sleep. He had no intentions of that happening, haha! He was wide-eyed and alert, hanging out like, “Hey guys…what are we doing?” As I mentioned, mom and dad were super flexible, and we quickly turned this newborn session into a lifestyle photography shoot. He did doze off for 10 minutes or so, after we laid him on a blanket, which allowed just enough time for a few serene sleeping shots.  


   The love these two parents have for their son is very tangible. It was evident how much their hearts are swollen with joy and tenderness towards their little Finnley. One of my favorite moments was when they were sitting on the couch; mom holding him in her arms, and dad was cradling Finnley’s head with his hand, very connected as a family. You could see the love, and just know…these two are going to be awesome parents.


medford newborn photographer



   Finnley turned four months old on the 22nd of last month, and he’s just as cute as ever.  He is definitely one I’d love to have back in front of my camera again!


  Are you expecting your bundle of joy in the coming months? If you’re looking for a Siskiyou County, Ashland, or Medford newborn photographer (maternity is always fun too!), I’d love to help you capture this precious and fleeting time! Click here to send a message my way, and let’s talk!