new years resolution

Getting Inspired to Set Some Goals

We're stepping outside of the normal photo session, outdoor photo shoot, storytelling blogging, to talk about something that lots of people have on their minds already:  New Year's Resolutions! January brings a time where so many around us are focused on a fresh start! Right? I want you to tell me one thing, right down below in the comment section of this blog: Did you set a 2017 resolution? More than one? Or are you NOT a resolutions type of person? 

Balancing those resolutions still?


I've always balanced somewhere between the "Nope, not doing a resolution thing" stance and "Okay, I guess I wanna try now that it's January 2" stance. Haha!  



I am though, a big fan of Fresh Starts. I'm someone who is constantly trying new systems, or coming up with new plans. I guess that is where my hesitancy has always been with announcing or committing to a resolution. I have new plans that fail all year long! Why tell everyone all about it when they're all working on doing great on their own changes? haha! I'm only-half kidding. It is all about the accountability. And that has some beauty to it for sure.
But really - I love new systems. Trying new plans. I love the chance for a fresh start. Throughout the course of a year I think I'm just one who makes small adjustments all along the way.

Do you identify with the strong urge to declutter, or get something working smarter for you so you don't have to work harder? That's where my draw is! Trust me.. I'm certainly NOT great at keeping the closets organized and toys in their proper places, I've found some methods that have worked, and some that haven't, and some that have worked well that are just hard to keep up with. So January rolls around and I'm like... ya know... I mean everyone else is in the same mindset... it IS a really great time to start some new ideas ;) Knowing so many people are also working toward something, helps inspire you! 

So here is what I have for you! I created a printable to try and make some goal setting a bit easier, more visual and to break down the things I'm working on. Usually there is something to get organized, something to be better about planning, and something to get started doing more regularly.  I wanted to share it with you! In hopes that it can maybe help you get inspired to move forward with your goals! Maybe it will help you to write out the things that you really want to make new habits. I know that I can get overwhelmed with the idea of a new habit, or something that I have to develop.

There is a section in the printable to break down your goal into more attainable steps, and then a box next to each step - to brainstorm some baby-steps to get accomplished. 

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I hope we can connect on some of these plans! I'll be going Live on Facebook later this week to share my own thoughts towards my goals, and walk you through how I'm using this printable myself.  So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my live video notifications in your Newsfeed!  And as always, let me know if you have any questions at all!