More Girls!

So last Sunday I went to the home of 3 little girls (Emma, 10; Grace, 6; and Lilly, 3). And let me just tell you...they were SO fun!First we went outside to their back yard... I thought we'd play a little and I could shoot pictures of them while they got comfortable with me. When walked out to the grass and they immediately posed together :)

They were ready to go! I assumed with 3 girls... keeping all of their attention on the camera, at the same time might be a challenge.. but I was wrong! They were quite attentive and seemed to really enjoy our little session!  We played telephone together, they jumped on the trampoline, played on the swings... and just had fun :)

At one point, when we were doing photos of them laying down in the grass... I had them doing different faces, angry, happy, sweet, silly... I cracked up at how Lilly (the littlest one) needed to look at her sisters to find out which kind of face was next before she'd look back to me and do it! lol... SO cute!

So here are the rest of these highlights from my shoot with these cuties :)