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Mt. Shasta Maternity Pictures and a Surprise Proposal!

I'm not sure why I have to use the word "Surprise" in the title. Usually proposals are surprises right? haha! 
Shannon and Jonathan are on my calendar to follow this little baby's journey into the world. We did a gender reveal shoot  (You can see it here), this maternity shoot, and next we have a Fresh48 (squeee!! I'm excited for this... Do you know what a Fresh48 session is? In-Hospital session within the first 48 hours... often scheduled for me to arrive right before family comes to meet baby so that on top of all the freshness and newness we can get some sweet emotion too.), and then the newborn photoshoot!  I'm quite excited :) I love the belly to baby journey. 
So we have had this tentatively on the calendar since we met up and booked the package, but we waited until things got closer to decide on a date. A couple months ago Jonathan wrote me and let me know his plans.. we came up with a pose that would be our signal... and let it roll. 
Haha, poor guy - I had told him I'd try and do it in the middle of the shoot - but ended up not doing it until the very end. I was nervous I was going to blow it lol! Photographing proposals is so fun though.
He was going to give me a thumbs up once he was ready for me to ask them to turn around.. Luckily I didn't notice the thumbs up right away because right after that he dropped the ring! haha! You'll notice in the flow of photos that I included that (even tho it's slightly out of focus) because I just couldn't ignore including that moment! There is also one of Shannon laughing - because she was noticing all the shuffling... and she was about to turn around to see what the problem was! You just have to stand still and look forward dude! What is your deal!? 
lol, anyway - thankfully he got down on that knee, she spun around looking up for him... She was indeed surprised with the moment thats for sure. It was very sweet to be a part of! 

Thanks so much for including me in your moments you guys! Can't wait for the next session!

Hope you all enjoy! 

And then comes the proposal...