why?I'm always learning... So much of my character building comes from my darling daughter. I read this post today: From a blog I found called hands free mama... And if you take the time to read the post I linked to - you'll understand and really see the reason for this post... As I was reading, my 4 year old was asking one of those questions 4 year olds are infamous for.... Something I don't even know how to answer or even know why she's asking it. To be honest - I don't even remember what it was, knew it would be followed up with a "why" or a "how" and was just brushing it off with the usual, "I don't know Brooke." She's a pretty good sport about being brushed off... Usually. How sad is that?! So as I finished the article I looked at her... And tried to really look at her. She was busy trying on some hand-me-downs we just got from a friend. And she was working on unbuttoning her dress so she could get it off....The kind that has 3 little buttons in the front that do not need to be unbuttoned. They're really just there for looks. I started to explain that to her - and then I thought about the article I just read. And thought about how this girl takes forever too.... Like the girl in the blog. But it's because a button is to be unbuttoned and re-buttoned. A pocket must have something in it. The shirt she put on after the dress had buttons too and sure enough- she unbuttoned them all to put it on- then buttoned them all up. And then filled her decorative pocket up with small toys. Oh. My. Word. I don't know why this drives me so crazy.

20131019-161937.jpg But this article made me sit back and just watch her. I know she's only this age for so long... We have a lot going on in life right now and I forget to just let her be 4. I can learn a lot from the way she processes and looks at things, and she can learn so much because of how inquisitive she is..... if I just answer her questions nicely. So I grabbed my camera... And took a picture of each of my little ones just doing their own thing... She was now putting on the hand-me-down rain jacket.. Because, well, Why not?!



I need to step back sometimes and ask questions, take more "real" photographs of my kids! Button things because they have buttons and carry things in pockets because I can... But in applying that to me more - hold my daughters hand because she's 4... And loves it when I do. Answer questions because they're questions and can be answered... Even if they are followed with "why?"