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Lifestyle Session - From the client's perspective...

My dear friend Brittany, over at the Muddled Mommy, has been writing more lately. A few days ago while I was immersed in her natural raw expression of parenting and pregnancy... I realized.. "OH MY WORD! I need to have her guest blog about her own photo session!" 
Keep in mind, I've already blogged this in home, Lifestyle session myself (You can find that here). But you, my dear client or potential client, don't see these experiences from my side! You see them from the same side as she does... So here is to perspective! Can you put yourself in this position and dream up your own lifestyle family shoot?

Let me introduce you to the queen of mom fails, yes..that’s right, it’s me. There are those moms who have newborn photo sessions done with the birth of each baby (you know, Anne Geddy calendar worthy ones), well my baby got Instagram with a few milestones and some scrunch pooping face ones, (I’m for hire!) sorry kid.
The walls of my home are decorated with hardly any family photos (some from my wedding 7 years ago), I am not a picture person but firmly believe that there should be documentation of the family that dwells within your home. I had been meaning to do a family photo shoot, considering my daughter is 3 1/2, it’s about time. Now the tricky part, my husband feels awkward being told to kiss by a photographer and my daughter rarely smiles for photos, insisting on hiding her face in my chest or shouting a defiant NO! Hmm..Pinterest being my best friend and all, I began a search. After a few scrolls I was introduced to lifestyle shoots. A lifestyle shoot represented what a family was really like, photos ranging from screaming babies to wrestling brothers and you guessed it, a few pooping babies. I was hooked and knew this was going to be the best option for my family.

Cue the entry of my amazing friend, Valisa Henderson, if anyone was willing to step out of their comfort zone with my request it would be her. All it took was a text, “hey what do you think about this?!”, without hesitation she was onboard and we were planning as many details as we could over the phone. I’ve never met a person more willing to serve her friends and clients, this girl drove miles to visit with friends (yes, yes, I’m one of them) and made time for my family shoot before leaving back home. Now this is no easy task, it is exhausting to drive 5 hours..why do I say this? Because she sacrificed sleep the day she was leaving, to be able to provide me with what I had hoped for, first thing in the morning.

We adorned ourselves in normal attire, a blue tee and backwards hat for dad, Z in a mint green top with her hair all nicely done and I in my floral striped top in the most fashionable pair of jeans. The idea of this was to capture the heart of my family and what makes us, US. We had chosen to make pancakes, a favorite in our house, and with Valisa behind the camera, our “lifestyle shoot” began. Now don’t get me wrong, there is still some awkward feelings when anyone is taking a photo of you but, the freedom of being in your own home is unlike any photo shoot I’ve experienced. My daughter was allowed to splash water, break eggs, and get powder on her face. We as a family blew bubbles, read favorite books and played with toys. My husband got to wear a t-shirt and didn’t have to do his hair, total win. What did mom get you ask? Photos that captured the joy and pizazz that make up my daughters personality, you can see that spark of life in her, the one that spreads like wildfire. We laughed, we joked, we splashed, we lived and guess what? None of us had grass stains on our butt or sun in our eyes and best of all, no fits! Life was captured in the sweetest way. From here on out, I’ll choose lifestyle shoots. Pictures will hang upon my wall showing life and joy (maybe a little chaos too) that resonates in our home. You’ll see it, you’ll feel it and be welcomed into it through an image.

Thank you to Valisa for your sacrifice of sleep and time, for your willingness to try and work with the lighting in my home, for capturing the heart of my family and sitting and sharing that same meal with us. You’re not just an amazing photographer but also an amazing soul that has a heart for people. Continue looking at life through the lens, capturing the hearts of families and the start of new beginnings.
— Brittany - the Muddled Mommy

The calendar opens for new bookings again on February 15th! Drop your email here to learn more!  What do you think about Lifestyle Sessions? I'd love to hear your thoughts below in the comments. They're becoming a favorite of mine! There is just something so special about documenting real life! <3  Thank you dear Brittany for sharing your view <3 We'll have to do another one once baby #2 and the new house are part of the experience! <3