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I've recently changed my business name, if you didn't already know, from Forever Photography by Valisa to Valisa Henderson Photography...My drawback has been trying to get all those that "liked" Forever Photography by Valisa to move over to the new page! So as an incentive  -  I'm going to do a giveaway when the Valisa Henderson Photography "like" number hits 1000 :) This giveaway already has a few great vendors on the list! And I've created an application for more! So if you know anyone who may be interested in being a featured vendor in a giveaway: Please send them my way!! It is great business exposure! I'd love to feature businesses that are just starting out also - not the ones that seem to appear on every well known site's giveaway!

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Little Miss Model {Siskiyou County Child Photographer}

Little Miss Model came to grace us with her presence yesterday :) She certainly played the part :) Lillyanna is all set up to model some outfits from various boutiques around the web! So yesterday I had the privilege to be her photographer for a few of the outfits they had in hand :) Enjoy this sweet little face![slideshow]

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Pretty in Pink! Precious in Purple!

Oh. My. Word.My latest photo subject: Mia {9MonthsYoung} Level of adorableness: Off the charts... I haven't blogged in FOREVER... And my latest client doesn't have a facebook (which is where most of my clients get their first peak at their portraits...)- SO I figured her shoot was the perfect one to jump back into blogging... Or {try} to. For the first time, I had a client come to MY house... Oh how I wish I had a studio for baby shoots! [The pull back shot of Keri*Meyers's studio makes me drool... I prefer outdoor stuff once little ones are walking... but pre-walking. ~Newborns especially of course~ .. inside in a studio works so so well! And is SO SO fun! I wish I had the prop collection, the natural light... the dedicated space... oi! Someday! :).. ok ... anyway... back on track....]

Though - Our house is in disarray due to the beginnings of unorganized house turning in to an {attempted} organized packed-up house, for  {hopefully} an organized move... Our patio with my backdrop stuff all set up turned out to be the PERFECT venue for my shoot with Miss Mia!

I've done shoots with Brooke out there before, and my little buddy Natalie :) And the lighting is always amazing! We have no direct sun... but the building is white and light blue... and we're on the 4th floor with no real shadowy obstructions.. :)

PLUS Just barely Pre-Crawling is awesome too because they're immobilized pretty much! But happy enough sitting and staring at you! This girl has to-die for big brown glassy eyes and with the awesome light outside... they were glistening!! :) You'll see what I mean...!

Without Further ado.... Here is the sneak peak!

Now there you have it!! A "handful" of previews... that I generally promise.. turned into a lot more!  But it really is just a small percentage of all the awesome shots she allowed me to take! :D I must give a shout out to my dear Kenna! McKenna loves photography, has a brand new Canon in her hands, and loves coming to shoots with me! SO I have to brag on her a bit and showcase a few of her super cute captures!!

*Her Photos | My Edits*

*Special Thanks to LoveBbyCarrie for the super cute purple and white boutique bow :) {which I WILL be brining you $ for next time I see you btw!} And to McKenna of course for second shooting! You're a rising star my love!

Craft Fair and Photo Promo!!

So I'm continuing my special pricing until the end of 2010 and trying to let as many people take advantage of it as possible. I'm only charging $100!! And if you know photographers, or if you are one yourself, you know... thats super cheap! Especially since I include digital files of your high-resolution edited images! No purchasing prints! HOWEVER, as a side note.. I took a disc today to Target and printed some photos of mine off of the kodak instant printer they have there in customer service... and the prints CERTAINLY do not reflect my work.. The calibration is WAY off... They were terrible... and I had myself terrified that it may have happend to a cliet at some point before... And they just never let me know!

SO, I DO offer printing services of course through my trusted pro company i have come to love...  But now I'm definitely pushing that option a little bit more!


Holidays are coming up and so are lots of newborns aparently! I have babies babies babies to shoot! Where have the families gone for holiday photos? Apparently they're all too busy having newborns for me to shoot ;) haha.


ANYWAY - I have slacking on my posts lately because I've been super busy! This craft fair, the Hullabaloo  (tomorrow @ Hissyfits Resale), is like my last big thing that i've been preparing for. It has been one thing after another for the last month and a half or so... at least.. Things will finally settle down! But about the craft fair, I've made tons of tutus to sell and I'll be giving out coupons for discounts on my already low priced photo package!  I'm excited!! The tutus that dont sell... Well - Brooke may end up with a few of them.. lol, but i'll probably offer them online via my FB :) Soo! Keep your eyes out!


Thanks for reading friends!!  Dont forget to get your holiday sessions booked with me if you live here!!  November will be over before we know it!


Oh my my :) Sophia was entertaining to shoot! She wasn't super excited about posing like some are... She wanted to PLAY!So she'd hear the shutter of my camera, and be off and running for the next shot! :) Sophia's mommy is Jennifer, who happens to be the person that gave me a bit of a push in the direciton of really trying to focus more on my photography :) So this is a special little session :)

(and I think this is one of my favorite portraits ever!)

Little Adrianna

Ah! Adrianna is so cute! I think that the 6 month realm is one of my favorites to photograph!They're just really coming into their smiles... they aren't too uncomfortable with strangers, and they're cool just hangin out in one spot and aren't gonna run off on you :) I have earlier shoot to post of another 6 month ish baby soon :)

(Oooh, and I made her tutu and headband bow :) go ahead, say it! I'm awesome)

But here are my favorites of Adrianna... I'm delivering her pictures to her mommy today!