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Siskiyou County Family Photographer - Tessah is Two!

    The Brownells are very dear to my heart. Personal friends who have become family to me, I was honored to shoot images of their youngest daughter, Tessah, for her second birthday!

Tee Pee Photo Fur rugs


  Tessah’s momma centered the shoot on the adorable kid’s teepee she found, and it went perfectly with the backdrop of the barn behind her sweet munchkins (Don’t you just love the star on the top of the barn?!). Their property is filled with nature and animals; goats, chickens, of course dogs and cats, and at one point even featured a miniature horse on loan. :)  We had considered shooting in the field, but fell in love with the monochromatic color scheme of the barn and teepee. The added layering and texture from the fur rug (swoon!) brought everything together. It was the ideal place for a little bit of rustic photography, and perfect for them… not only because of the beauty of the location, but because this place is special for their family. It’s where their children are getting to run free and explore their childhood.


  Tessah is independent and determined for such a small person. She loves books and reading, even at a young age. She’s a very happy girl, but she needs to size you up before she lets you see her precious personality. Thankfully she knows me well enough to liven up right away…although she may or may not have been coaxed with candies to continue smiling for the camera, haha!


  Included in the mix of birthday fun, were Tessah’s two older siblings, Titus, and Taliah. They are so loving and doting on their little sister, who is very much the baby to them all. It’s clear that she rules the roost. When mothered by Taliah, and asked to “Be cute! Be cute!” Tessah retorted with a whack to her brother and sister, which made us laugh. She is two of course!. Titus and Taliah are both so good with her, and Titus was so admirable to wear his “spencers” to appease mom for the shoot. :)  


  It was such a sweet session with moments of wondering how our babies are getting so big, so fast. Some of my favorite shoots are getting to capture kids I watch grow up from a young age, and these special people are included in that circle. I can’t wait for more pictures with them!


   Do you have a little one with a birthday coming up? Sometimes if it’s not a milestone year, we can overlook the years in between… the growing years. These are the times where our kids are forming memories of their childhood, and ones we want to hold on to forever. If you are looking for a Siskiyou County Photographer to capture a kid’s birthday, or even lifestyle photography, I can help you in that area! Drop me a line or two.


Missing Out

Are there days you forget to look at your kids? I mean... really look at them. Take a minute and soak up the size of their hands, the way they hug you, how they tell you they love you...

This is an area that I have tried to be so purposeful with with my little ones. Yet I often fail.. because being a parent is hard. And often I get focused on having a minute to myself, getting things done, or getting to the next day, or teaching them responsibility and respect... and how to act... *sigh*  I have to kick myself sometimes into remembering... "Let them be little" 
 I forget so often with my 7 year old. She is getting bigger... her 7 going on 17 tendencies are often something that grate on my nerves. Don't get me wrong. I love her. Deeper than I know what to do with. But sometimes. I tell ya! How do we change that focus? By remembering how we want to be loved, noticing how they love us, Seeing her, listening to her... and truly trying to reciprocate that selfless love she gives me. My goal this week is to love my girl, who seems big... but is certainly still little, the way she wants to be loved. 
My little guy's sweetness is easy to soak up! But man I'm so afraid I will forget some of the ways he does or says things. He's 3.. and that can be trying at times.. His will is getting stronger and his attitude more purposeful sometimes. BUT... with all that 3 year old tude, comes 3 year old sweetness. This kid... He would melt your heart in an instant if you could see him in all the moments I do! 

I think it's time for a shoot for myself and my kids. They are at ages that in just a few short months and years I'll look BACK thinking - "Oh my gosh - look how little they were!" While right now in my eyes they're big.  I keep thinking "SOAK IT UP! Soak it up!"  but our memories get more and more feeble. 

I'm so thankful for how easy documentation is now... as much as I LOVE taking really great portraits... I love that I have more snapshots of my kids than most of us probably have of our childhoods put together. I know the things I remember most - are things I've seen printed pictures of my growing up.  maybe my next shoot for myself and kiddos will be lifestyle. Such a great way to capture what life looks like right now. 

Anyway - the way she still relies on me and seeks me out, the way he smiles and says "iiii wuv yoooou"... might not last forever and I refuse to let it go without documenting it somehow.  So thankful for my little blessings! And for this little soapbox I just created! haha Thanks for joining me on this totally non-business related post! 

What do you notice when you look at your littles? What sticks out to you as things you don't want to forget? Comment below with your thoughts! Sometimes just taking time to point them out helps them last in your memories a little bit longer! <3

Photographer of Growing Familes

You know that phrase I like to sprinkle throughout my account page? "Specializing in Growing Families?" Well This is why! These girls surfaced into my business in 2010? 2011? Somewhere around there. And I've had them one other time as well. I seriously can never be not-shocked at how fast kids grow up!! These girls are no different! They're not little kids anymore at all. It is crazy. Absolutely crazy! Thank you Smith's for having me and interrupting your "staycation" in Scottsdale! It's always so sweet to see you again!

It is one of my absolute favorite things, to follow a family as they grow. I love it! Whether it is kids getting bigger or families growing in number, it is all wonderful! 

One thing that sticks with me when I think of them, is that one of my visits back to AZ to shoot, I had these guys for family pictures - and one thing that sticks out in my memory is that they had their Christmas lights on one of those timers that lights it all up to the beat of music! That's the main memory I have of these guys! So random. I know! But it made an impression. haha! Clearly!

Anyway enjoy these beauties!!