How does $100 in free print credit sound!?

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This is your chance to win something!

As many of you know my calendar opens 3 times a year. Once for Spring, once for Summer, and once for Fall. You have to be a subscriber to my email list in order to get an invitation to schedule a session! (visit

Are you competitive?
Between now and February 9th... that will come in handy!

Spring sessions open soon! Let your friends know that they have to be on my list in order to book a session at all in 2017. 

You can win $100 in print credit! 

Here is how this is going to work: 

  • Sign up on my email list - 2 Points. 
  • Refer someone to subscribe to my email list - 2 Points. 
  • Share my live video that talks about this contest on your own Facebook and Tag me or my business page - 1 Point
  • Share this blog post on Facebook and tag me or my business page - 1 Point

That is it! The one with the most points by February 9th wins!

Your $100 Print Credit will be good for any regular session in 2017! *Excludes Mini Session Events*


Some tips on point earning: 

  • If you are already a subscriber to "Friends of VHP" You can have those 2 points for signing up.
  • If you share a video, or this blog on your facebook page and you have a private account... be sure to take a screenshot and post it in the comments of the video on my page, or on this blog
  • If your friends subscribe, be sure they mention your name on the signup form so that you can earn your points! 
  • The Live Video to share is Right Here on Facebook
  • The direct link to my email list is