Mt. Shasta Maternity Pictures and a Surprise Proposal!

I'm not sure why I have to use the word "Surprise" in the title. Usually proposals are surprises right? haha! 
Shannon and Jonathan are on my calendar to follow this little baby's journey into the world. We did a gender reveal shoot  (You can see it here), this maternity shoot, and next we have a Fresh48 (squeee!! I'm excited for this... Do you know what a Fresh48 session is? In-Hospital session within the first 48 hours... often scheduled for me to arrive right before family comes to meet baby so that on top of all the freshness and newness we can get some sweet emotion too.), and then the newborn photoshoot!  I'm quite excited :) I love the belly to baby journey. 
So we have had this tentatively on the calendar since we met up and booked the package, but we waited until things got closer to decide on a date. A couple months ago Jonathan wrote me and let me know his plans.. we came up with a pose that would be our signal... and let it roll. 
Haha, poor guy - I had told him I'd try and do it in the middle of the shoot - but ended up not doing it until the very end. I was nervous I was going to blow it lol! Photographing proposals is so fun though.
He was going to give me a thumbs up once he was ready for me to ask them to turn around.. Luckily I didn't notice the thumbs up right away because right after that he dropped the ring! haha! You'll notice in the flow of photos that I included that (even tho it's slightly out of focus) because I just couldn't ignore including that moment! There is also one of Shannon laughing - because she was noticing all the shuffling... and she was about to turn around to see what the problem was! You just have to stand still and look forward dude! What is your deal!? 
lol, anyway - thankfully he got down on that knee, she spun around looking up for him... She was indeed surprised with the moment thats for sure. It was very sweet to be a part of! 

Thanks so much for including me in your moments you guys! Can't wait for the next session!

Hope you all enjoy! 

And then comes the proposal...

Lodi Senior ... in Mt. Shasta for Photos!

It's good news to me when someone comes all the way to lil ole Siskiyou County from Lodi for a shoot. Okay... That's not why she came! But it was a benefit when she came. ;) 
I've known this girl since she was 3.  THREE! I can't even believe it. She is turning 18 soon and growing up to be a really wonderful gem of a person. Like a baby sister I never had, I'm proud to know her and be that "like family" kind of person in her life, and I'm excited for the difference I know she will make in the world. Tali - Be strong. Stand up and lead girlfriend! You've got a beautiful heart, and kind soul, and you've got this! Can't wait to see how God uses you and what your future holds Tali! 

aaaand we kinda had a great time at our shoot ;) It was during this shoot with her I discovered a new favorite location in Mt. Shasta too!  

Now you, dear reader,  have a task - There is something about someone you care about - turning 18 that makes you think back to being 18...  

If you had a chance to go back, and give yourself one piece of advise to yourself at 18... what would it be?

If you're 18 or younger... let me know what is something you've heard as advise that you know will stick with you forever?

Leave your answers in the comments. It'll be good for any seniors scrolling through! <3   Thanks for checking it out - and Enjoy! If you spotted this in your FB news feed, be sure to give it a like and share it with a Senior or a Mom of a Senior :) 




Yreka Photographer Warning - FOR SALE! This is a SALES-Y post!

Haha! I figured I'd fore-warn you! We are all naturally repelled by those creepy salesy posts. "Buy this! You want my services, you know you do!" The thing is they have those silly tricks because... honestly - they kinda work. Mostly because - well - you're likely not just going to come to me unless I remind you that I'm here, especially since my business was kind of non-marketed and sort of hiding for a few years. I'm looking for ideal clients, that value photography as an art and want to invest in making their memories tangible. 

Fall is Prime time for Senior Photos!&nbsp;

Fall is Prime time for Senior Photos! 

I've looked ahead to my calendar for the Fall Season; between now and November I have 32 slots available for sessions. So here is my point: I'm trying to get those sessions pre-filled! Let's prevent the rush of people coming to me in October hoping to get photos done in time to get Christmas cards out! Or seniors that realize - OH NO! I have 3 weeks left to get my Yearbook photo in!  And - we still have some time with the beautiful weather. Get on it!


Are you like Everyone else - Someone that finally thinks of Family Photos for Holiday Cards?... Jump the gun - be ahead of times. Get your Family Session in before the weather changes!

Are you like Everyone else - Someone that finally thinks of Family Photos for Holiday Cards?... Jump the gun - be ahead of times. Get your Family Session in before the weather changes!



I have a trip as well as family coming to visit at the end of September, Wedding to travel to October 1, My bestie's baby is due at the end of November, School is starting (and I'm doing School Pictures for our Church/School this year!) not all in that order... and then of course there is the natural fact that October and November for photographers is like March and April for Accountants. 


SO - What do you need to know? 
My session fee is $169 (it is non-refundable and you need to pay this to get on the schedule). You get to order prints, wall art, albums, gift prints, and digitals at the ordering session that gets scheduled for after I'm done editing. My Print Sets begin at $200 and Clients can expect to invest an average of $1200 for Wall Art Collections. (I offer custom & standard framing, canvases, metal prints, albums, and holiday cards too!)
I will take care of you and help you through the process, even talk you through outfit choices should you need assistance. Your job is to tell me you want a session, sign your contract and pay your session fee, be in touch with me throughout the planning stage (even meet with me to go over everything if you'd like), show up to your session, and then show up to your ordering session after I've done all the editing. Pick your favorites, then I'll help you select your art and prints, and then wait patiently for me to bring them to you tied together with a pretty little bow! 

Now your job is this: Click here to Contact me and tell me you're ready to get on the books for your session this Fall! 

Share this post with anyone you think may be interested in a session this season and earn a Starbucks Gift card after your friend books with me! (make sure they mention your name when they contact me or it won't count!)

I can't wait to work with you! 

Staircase Canvas Gallery to Showcase just a glimpse of a full session!&nbsp;

Staircase Canvas Gallery to Showcase just a glimpse of a full session! 

Stockton Family Lifestyle Shoot: Toddlers = Flexibility

Brittany is a really great friend of mine. She challenges me to think deeper, be better, and trust God more. Do you know her? She's like... the most real person you'll ever meet. (Yes I just said "she's like.." Spoken like a true California girl. haha) And there is something so amazingly relatable about that - you just can't help but want to be friends with mom's like her.  She lives so far away though, as do quite a few of my close friends. Lodi is among my frequently visited locations (and Stockton). Okay, okay, Mushy Gushy Moment Over. Sorry. This is about them! Jacob and Brittany wanted to do a family shoot but they have.. one of those.. *gasp* ...toddlers.  Sweet, adorable, cute... VERY adorable, toddlers. I seriously LOVE the 3 year old age... most days. haha! But oh man - throw off their day, miss a nap, or ask them to eat the bag of fruit snacks you just opened for them instead of the unopened one they want you to open (True story about my own 3 year old!) and you'll pay! Haha, never mind asking them to get dressed, have their hair done nice, expect it to stay that way, sit here, stay here, ok walk to mommy, now talk to daddy, don't hide behind our legs, Look at that big black camera, Watch Valisa act crazy and invade your space... haha!! Sometimes they'll do amazing, and sometimes they are toddlers.   This isn't to say that a regular shoot can't go well.. because I've pulled off plenty. I've never really had a regular family photo shoot that includes toddlers go wrong or result in no photos - BUT the lesson here is - Flexibility is key with little ones! SO when Brittany told me that she and Jacob were leaning toward doing a lifestyle session at their adorable, old world, tudor style brick home in Stockton (... She wanted to start with making pancakes *and pause the shoot to eat them* and hang out at home for the shoot... ) I was easily swayed! Hello!? Pancakes!  And I'm so happy with how it turned out!  Have you considered doing a lifestyle session? Maybe this will seal the deal for you! 

Photographer of Growing Familes

You know that phrase I like to sprinkle throughout my account page? "Specializing in Growing Families?" Well This is why! These girls surfaced into my business in 2010? 2011? Somewhere around there. And I've had them one other time as well. I seriously can never be not-shocked at how fast kids grow up!! These girls are no different! They're not little kids anymore at all. It is crazy. Absolutely crazy! Thank you Smith's for having me and interrupting your "staycation" in Scottsdale! It's always so sweet to see you again!

It is one of my absolute favorite things, to follow a family as they grow. I love it! Whether it is kids getting bigger or families growing in number, it is all wonderful! 

One thing that sticks with me when I think of them, is that one of my visits back to AZ to shoot, I had these guys for family pictures - and one thing that sticks out in my memory is that they had their Christmas lights on one of those timers that lights it all up to the beat of music! That's the main memory I have of these guys! So random. I know! But it made an impression. haha! Clearly!

Anyway enjoy these beauties!! 


Siskiyou County Family Photographer - {H} Family Photos

I announced with this collection mock up on Instagram a couple of weeks ago that I'm now a vendor for Organic Bloom Frames!&nbsp;

I announced with this collection mock up on Instagram a couple of weeks ago that I'm now a vendor for Organic Bloom Frames! 

Carrie gets to be famous on my blog I guess! While I was visiting, I did a session for her business as I posted about yesterday, and then a family session with her and her hubby, and their two boys. AND you might recognize them from my post (link on the left) about how I'm offering Organic Bloom Frames now!  These 2 Brothers certainly have that "all boy" thing going on about them! Nerf Guns, Wrestling, Sports, Rough Housing... etc. They're gonna be fun to try and keep up with in High School! They performed amazingly for this shoot - big smiles, lots of patience, and they just stood there looking all adorable! They had some real brotherly moments in the midst of it all that made us all laugh! You'll know the one when you see it! 

Do you love this and hope to do a session for yourself soon! Let me know even if you're contemplating a session later in the year! We can get our date settled (Don't forget family photos for Christmas cards.... the season fills up FAST!) Contact me Here to get connected! 

"Mompreneur" Spotlight: Carrie Ann Fitness



Today's feature is my dear friend Carrie. I needed to share her gym session photos - So I thought I would share a bit more about who she is, what she does, and how she can help you!  Carrie and I started lifting around the same time a couple of years ago. This girl took off! I've had my on and off times since then, (sometimes much longer off than on) as we all do as moms I'm sure.  But this girl made me proud and went and got her Personal Training Certificate, and created CarrieAnn Fitness. She hosts fitcamps and In-Person training... but she also is accessible online! You should really take a look at all of the things she has to offer you! Read on - and enjoy this little spotlight: 

If you only have a few seconds in an elevator with someone - to share who you are and what you
how would you share your "elevator pitch?"
I am a mom with a passion for helping other women achieve their fitness goals, whether it be losing the baby weight or building muscle to be a strong, confident woman!

What difference do you hope to make in the lives of people that you work with? I would love for women to stop being so hard on themselves! Love the beauty within and let me worry about the outside. 

If there is one main issue about fitness that you have noticed is commonly misunderstood, what would that be? There is no magic weightloss pill! The real secret to fat loss is all about calorie intake! No shake, wrap, or pill is going to give you the long term results you want. You have to make a change to your lifestyle. 

How can those in your area take advantage of your services? Locally I offer a fitcamp, one-on-one personal training and nutrition guidance. 

What do you have to offer someone like me, a busy mom that is not local to you? I can offer you nutrition guidance along with my recipe guide! Nutrition is the most important when trying to reach a goal! I can also offer in-home or gym workouts and weekly check-ins via email!

Is there anything else you want the world (okay, ok, my handful of followers) to know more about you or your business?  I just have a passion for helping others! My prices are very reasonable for this business because I don't want money to be an issue for keeping you from reaching your goals. 

I also asked Carrie to let us know how to take advantage of your services!  SO: here you go! You. Are. Welcome :D If you're interested in discussing a plan, her recipe guide, a little guidance... get in touch with her via email:
Visit her website at
Find her on Facebook at Carrie Ann Fitness
And get inspired - follow her on Instagram @carrieann_fit

And now - for your inspiration - images from our gym session!



Siskiyou County Photographer goes to Phoenix

Haha! BIG trip right? It is when you're driving from lil ole Siskiyou County all the way down to Phoenix. Not Phoenix, Oregon, that wouldn't be that big of a trip! haha... but - Phoenix, Az. We headed down there at the end of June. I chose almost the hottest time of the year. Just happened to be when I could make it work! Oi! :) But I loved that we went, lots of visiting and catching up with old friends and my sister! Thankfully we got a break in the heat and it was under 110 the whole time! Even had couple of double digit days. Unfortunately.... it was humid. ugh. Boo Humidity! Monsoons were hitting the first couple of nights I was there. Anyway - Phoenix! Who doesn't talk about the weather when it comes up? ;) So Why Phoenix? It was where I began my business, so I am often able to connect with past photography clients and give myself a trip to visit friends and family courtesy of my business. I'm so very thankful for that opportunity to reach outside of the Northern California and Southern Oregon area once in a while :)
Do you guys remember this blog post from awhile back where I highlighted one of the main women who encouraged / pushed me to actually create a business out of this hobby of mine?  Well here she is again with her family!  They resurface with every trip there. I'm so thankful to have been able to document this family growing up! 
These guys are a fun loving - full spirited family who have a lot of fun together! The girls of course have grown up and changed a ton. It was so fun to see them and re-connect a little bit!

There is no personality in this bunch is there? haha! ;)

Canvas Gallery Display

Canvas Gallery Display

Be sure to head over and Find out More about what you can expect for your own photo session  with VHP! 

Sibling Photos - Keep Remembering Now!

Doesn't it seem like pictures of your kids reminds you of how cute and adorable they were when they were little? Sometimes as a mom, do you look at the photos that capture the past and go, "What was I so stressed about?" "Look how cute and little they were?!" "They were so much more simple to entertain" or something similar? Maybe you find yourself laughing because that little face they made all time, or the attitude they sported for that year (and used to make you grit your teeth or sigh heavily) hasn't happened in a few years and (even if it made you roll your eyes) it kinda makes you smile now? 

Sometimes, (ooor, usually) capturing them now, is more about being able to remember the "now", later.  Having their little faces up on the wall that you walk past every day - can remind you how fast this season will fly by. The most recent photos on your walls and shelves can be 6 months old or older... And you already look at them and see how fast they've grown and how much has changed - when just a few months ago it made me think - look how big they are! Time flies! Thanks to images on my walls, I am being reminded daily to soak it up.

I chose these two to go on and on about this subject - because - well one - I needed to blog about them! haha - two - While I look at these two and am amazed at how big they are... (Quinn is the same age as my oldest, and they were best little buds for their early years as I watched her while mom and dad worked, during that learning to talk and play with friends season of life... That time holds a special spot in my heart!) I know that soon... Mom and Dad will be looking back at these remembering good things about this season, laughing about Declan's little mischievous grin, and surprised at how little they were.  Hold on, Slow Down! 

Aren't they cute? 

Northern California Child Photographer - Cutest Boy!

I just can't even stand it! This little guy - my youngest adorable one is just the sweetest little boy ever. I pray every day that his sweet soul stays sweet as he grows. He has a big heart, is so loving, and is stinking adorable. Certainly blessed to be his mamma!

So for your enjoyment, oohs and ahhs...a sample of Kai's 3 year birthday portraits! Balloons and all! 

Siskiyou County Portrait Photographer - Celebrate 8th Grade!

Leora, Madi's mom, chatted with me at church about about doing a session for Madi to celebrate her 8th grade graduation, and I am so glad we did. I love when clients want to do these (what some consider) "little occasions." Don't save photo shoots for only the big big stuff. Seriously. I believe it is always important to commemorate big and small events with something like a photoshoot! Even non-events and the "slow or mundane times" of life are special!! As parents it happens all too quickly that we look at a photo and say "look how young she was!"  or "I can't believe how long ago that was already!" Pictures help us hold onto memories.

What a crazy time of life! Can you remember that time? I do, and I was terrified. I remember desperately wanting to learn about homeschooling or charter school! haha... I guess it's just that change can be scary, and this age changes are big, and intense. Life right?

You will do amazing Madi! Have an amazing summer preparing for high school, and thank you for being such an awesome subject! ;) 


Northern California Child and Family Photographer - How I Manage to Capture Your Kid's Authenticity.

Okay Moms... Here is the deal. I am willing to bet you are a lot like me when it comes time to put your kiddo in front of a camera... especially if you are on a client side. Now is the time to smile and quit messing around! Ha! I laugh at myself every time because I honestly struggle with this for my own children. There are some ages where once they smile for you - it's all golden and perfect. And then there are other ages where you get the forced and un-natural Chandler-Bing-Smiles. I get this from my oldest a lot: 

Siskiyou County Child Photographer

Are you kidding me? This was just supposed to be a "smile a little happier." If you know me and have seen my eye roll - this constitutes like a 3 second long one.  HA!  I have to remind myself to chill out sometimes, lol. Please don't get me wrong.. I do get it - This is who they are at this age! This is the real 7 year old.... and now, later as I look back at these goofy captures, I do love it. But as a mom trying to get a good photo we want those happy joyful smiles, and it can get frustrating when they're just "goofing around." 

Yreka Family Photographer

You know what though! Letting it go makes for an amazing photoshoot. I promise! I know it can be hard to let go. Other people's kids are NO problem for me when they start doing this silliness - its the mother's position that makes it seem frustrating. Many many times when I am photographing little kids - I can just feeeeel mom and/or dad doing the same thing I do with my own, (the 3 second long eye roll?) or they voice it: "Come on - Smile for real" "Pay attention,"  and I just chuckle a little inside, and re-assure mom and dad that "It's okay, we're getting some good stuff in the midst of all this and it will turn out great!" 

While I do always try and add some blooper photos and funny faces into the reveal and delivered images (because they make good album additions and memories), I manage to provide families with some real true happy smiles too usually. And here is how:

If I'm photographing your child - you might see me making funny faces with them or asking them questions about themselves and their family. You might see me asking a little girl to fold her arms and look as serious as she can. Maybe you'll see me asking a boy to show me his best tough guy pose. I ask kids to jump, be goofy, let the sillies out... because as each little action, dance move, or serious pose dies down... this is what happens:        They laugh with me a little, they laugh at themselves because they're a little embarrassed, or they think what they did was hilarious - This helps create Authentic giggling smiles!


The goofing off has a purpose for me, so don't tame them down too much. Let them be little. Let's have fun! 

Northern California Fitness Photography - Beach Body Coach Gym Sesh

Miss Amber began her Beach Body Coaching Business last year and has really come into grasping her value as a person, and as a momma, and I can see she has really developed a love of life through this experience! This is what I love about fitness! She wanted to do a session earlier this year to get some photos for her business cards and for marketing. This was a new arena of shooting for me, totally different than portraits, but it was a lot of fun. It calls for a totally different editing style. The dark moody black and whites really make a gym photoshoot pop. We had a lot of fun trying something so new for both of us :) Amber was sore by the time we were done, and for days after, because of all the pull-ups I made her do! Ha!  She works hard, pours her all into what she does, and is a treasure of a human being! So proud to call her friend! 

Yreka Photographer - Fun Photog Swap

This girl! She is pretty awesome, beautiful inside and out! We met a long time ago through mutual friends and reconnected a couple of years ago over our mutual Starbucks addiction when I was working there... and she was the most frequent flyer who didn't actually drink coffee! Any other Baristas here in Yreka know her as Tall Double Chocolaty Chip with half a banana.  HA!

It took us a while to finally nail down photo swapping times but we eventually both took turns in front of the other's camera. Always an experience for a photographer to be on that side! Taylor totally knew what she was doing and rocked it though! Even though it was so stinking cold that we almost gave up! She brought her beloved pups too :) The dogs were troopers and I'm so glad we did this! Fur Babies make it more fun, and she made it look easy for a photographer to be on the other side of the camera! Can you even tell that she was close to turning blue from how cold it was!?

Eden Valley Orchard and Edenvale Winery - Family Photos Southern Oregon

Eden Valley Orchard and Edenvale Winery - Family Photos Southern Oregon

Adorable Mom and Son Family Portrait Session at the Eden Valley Orchard in Phoenix Oregon. 

Read More

Mommy & Me at Willow & Wren

Willow & Wren was the perfect spot for the Mommy & Me Mini Session Event! Half of the Session Fees are being donated to Relay for Life! Woot! So excited about that! Our community is pretty involved in Relay for Life and I'm on our local Starbucks' team, "Brewin for a Cure" a former partner and obsessive drinker (coffee),  I enjoy being part of the team! So I'm excited that we were able to donate a little extra to the cause.  I will be open and honest here and just say that... I waited way too long to launch the program and results didn't turn out as poppin as I had hoped for. Willow & Wren was perfect though! The adorable small town shop belongs to an old high school friend. I'm so proud of that Girl-Boss! Runnin your own business is no joke! And seriously this shop is so stinkin adorable. This place had me drooling over it the minute I walked in! This is future studio material we're talkin! Some-day you guys.. someday. #goalsetting  ;) lol
ANYWAY, I digress.. lol - However low the turn out, I did get to reconnect with a childhood friend and her adorable little girl. Mellisa and I used to meet up at my dad's property after school I think at the end of JR. High and beginning of HS. Her grandma was a caretaker for my grandma. I had a horse there, an old sweet learner horse for me ;) and we pretended to totally know what we were doing, rode poor Sugar around town until she was sweaty, spent the days outside, or scrounging for money to go get Dottie's, and all was good!  We have "reconnected" on Facebook over the last couple of years but we haven't met up, or talked much at all until she inquired about the Mini Sessions. She has not changed a bit! She has become a beautiful Momma, she has such a sweet disposition and is doing a great job with her little girl! Who by the way is such a ham! I feel so blessed to have been able to reconnect with her for the shoot and our ordering session and capture this sweet season for them. 
Happy Almost Mother's Day!! I hope this brightens your week! 

The Senior Spokesmodel Search is on!

VHP-Senior-Tabi (6 of 47).jpg
Website (172 of 472).jpg

The last time that I did a Senior Rep Program, it was fairly simple. These two lovely ladies did some good work, and even though I wasn't "working" my business much... I've had Seniors coming to me even up to this past year based on these two and their hard work. 
As most of you know, in January of 2016 I went full time with my business. VHP is now Full Service Photography  and I'm focusing on your experience. I want my clients to know they're taken care of, that I'm there to help, to make sure you have a great time in actually capturing your current life season, and making sure that you get prints on your walls.
I've been researching a lot and have compiled so many ideas! I've come up with something that I think is going to be SO much fun... and should be a really great experience. For myself and for my Seniors of 2017!  Take a look at the launch page. I encourage you to send this, forward this, share this... whatever works for you, to anyone you know that fits the criteria or to a parent that you think would be interested! I just know this whole thing is going to be a blast and I can't wait!! 

The What to Wear Dilema!

I'm not talking about my clothing choices here. That's a whole other story for another time! But, have you ever been unsure of what to wear, or what to dress your kids in for a photo shoot? I'm doing a shoot in a few weeks of 3 little kiddos. My client wanted suggestions on clothing for them so I went scouting. Now, little kids are easy. Honestly they look cute in anything! I've done shoots of my kids in crazy mis-matched, dirty play clothes... and they're adorable. Biased? eh.. maybe. So really, I don't feel a ton of pressure  on perfect dressing when it's kids! It does turn out amazing when outfits come together perfectly.. but they turn out pretty great none-the-less. The hard part comes when it comes to dressing ourselves for this sort of thing right?? Ha! Anyway... I digress! 
First step - Figure out what item it is that you really want to incorporate, or find something you like that has multiple colors in it. One piece, for one person... It totally takes care of your color scheme for you! Then try basing other items off of that. Coordinate Schmoordinate! not Matchy Matchy! 
Since we were starting from scratch and getting all new things - I went searching for something with a pattern or print that I could base the other outfits off of. I'll be honest - its easiest to do this for the girl of the group usually... not always. I found an adorable plaid shirt for my 2 year old boy last Fall for our photos, and that became the center piece that our other colors were based around.  I figured since I'd basically be sending my client suggestions - I would try and keep everything at one online store. I checked my go-to's: Target, Gap, Janie and Jack, Gymboree, Children's Place....andfinally landed at Old Navy. There were a lot of single pieces I liked at each store, but the coordinating 2 boys and 1 girl part proved to be best suited to Old Navy this time around. I found this shirt at - and it was perfect! (A little Pantone Color of the 2016 slipped in here!) 

Pink and Blue Floral Girls Top
Boy's Clothing Pantone Blue

After finding her shirt, I worked on the boys outfits. Toddlers and babies are easy, so I started with the older boy. One thing to keep in mind is texture and layers. So I went with layers for him... Notice how I'm pulling out the dark and light blues. This is the set I put together to send to my client... Obviously there are some choices there for her to choose from... but I'm basing the outfit for him, off of the colors in her shirt. I don't usually worry too much about the combining patterns thing, because I've seen some super cute shoots with stripes and plaids.. You just have to be careful. But stripes and florals are a total YES. :)  

The little guy was easy - something about a button up with rolled up sleeves is adorable on a little one! Kept him simple, but I think he ties both of the other kids together well. Here is a case of options to coordinate, but not matching... I feel like its done well!  

Little Miss ended up with some Navy leggings,  and we will throw in some accessories to brighten things up for the little miss some.. and bam! 

Can't wait to see it all come together!