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I put together a worksheet to help me visualize some goals that I've been working on. I thought you might enjoy them too!  You'll find a page to write down your goals when Starting something, Planning something, and Organizing something. 
Print these out. Write down what you want to start, plan, and organize. Verbalize the goal, and write it out. For example: "This month I will work toward Organizing the Craft Closet so that it is more manageable, looks nicer, and is less cluttered." 
I like to title it simply, write it out completely, and then break it down into steps that are easy to manage. So next, on each worksheet you will find 3 lines, and 3 boxes. In each line - write down one step that you can take to make your goal happen. In each corresponding box, you can brainstorm little things or baby-steps to take to get each step accomplished." 

Resolutions to get Organized

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