Investment Basics

Session Fee $169

Your session fee of $169 is due at the time of booking and is non-refundable. Invitations to schedule a session, go out to those subscribed to my email list. The signup form is right here! This includes portrait and lifestyle sessions (in the hospital or in your home). Email invitations to book go out 3 times a year. When you get your invitation, you'll select your date and pay the $169 session fee. Once you have booked, had your photo shoot, and editing is complete - we will meet up for what I like to call a "reveal session." This part is so fun! It is where you get to see view your images for the first time, and choose your images.
The price you pay is based on the number of images you choose. Each image includes a high quality, luxury matted print, as well as the digital version of the image. There are a few collections to choose from. Most clients will spend at least $200 when ordering, but the average client's order is closer to $900. The investment you're making is in high quality heirlooms meant to be seen... not hidden away in a desk drawer!  Are you curious of the breakdown? Be sure to sign up below to get more details on image pricing. By subscribing, you under no obligation to book. It's just a really great way to stay informed and be the first to hear about any specials or promotional offers I have going on!