Photographer Headshot by Angelica Owens Photography

You're in the trenches of motherhood; balancing exhaustion, chaotic schedules, chore lists, school events, sports, meals, the gym, and maybe a coffee-date with a friend once in awhile if you're lucky. Sometimes you look back and realize how fast time has flown and then in sets the dreaded hyphenated word we all know and loathe: Mommy-Guilt! Or maybe you're a High School Senior and seem to have all of those symptoms, but with senior year obligations and a class load instead of kids!

Often we can let our schedules and daily duties run the show. That calendar of events puts richness your lives, but sadly, it can often dictate how you are going to remember this phase.. Take a moment will you? Let's slow down and stop for a second. Think about how long you'll be looking at life from this same point of view. It doesn't take much, and it doesn't take long... for everything to shift.

As your photographer, I am focused on helping you slow down... even if it's just for the length of a session, long enough to embrace the season of life you're in. You have memories to make and capture! But we know making it happen, is sometimes best if it is scheduled in! Genuine, Natural, Fun, and Connected moments are what VHP is all about. A photo session is a great reason to slow down and just soak up this time in your life. A perfect opportunity to schedule in that focused, present, and interactive quality time that your kids thrive off of. 

I love to capture the connections and little details that seem so mundane now, but will continue to change and evolve. Let me help you experience it in a way that you can look back on later to open up a flood of memories.

There are a whole lot of amazing photographers out there, but finding one that is right for you is your best chance at a successful photo session. 

  • Are you a busy mom that needs to plan your session in advance so that you can mentally and physically prepare?
  • Maybe you're a high school senior, wanting to make sure your senior year is marked in a way that shows who you really are in all your true beauty.
  • Do you love the idea of holding your memories in your hands and showing them off when family and friends come over?
  • Is the idea of having someone to brainstorm outfits, details or ideas with before your photoshoot a welcome stress reliever?
  • Do you look for photographers that are ready to capture interaction and natural personality, because who knows if your kids will cooperate? 

Do any of these resonate with you? Then it sounds like we should connect. I'd love to give you more information! 

As a mom of an 9 and 4 year old,  I'm with you moms on the "oh my they're so big" moments... and the "look how little they were" moments. Sometimes I have to kick myself to remember... They are still little!  
And I won't leave you out, oh sweet senior... You're waiting for the next big step, you've got big things happening... but take it from someone who finds it impossible that 16 years has passed since my senior year. (woah) Embrace who you are right here, right now. Life changes so quickly! 

Don't forget to capture the nuances of this stage in your life! This world is too fragile. You, my busy friend... are blessed... let's package that up and make it tangible! Follow the button below to find out more and make the most of getting in front of my camera.

Photos of me, by Angelica Owens Photography, Family Photo Above by Taylor Christine

Photos of me, by Angelica Owens Photography, Family Photo Above by Taylor Christine