Many prospective clients have the same questions. See if what you're looking for is here: 

"I already had a session with you, ordered my images and now I want more! How do I order more?"

Yay! I'm so glad you love them and want more!  You just need to contact me directly and let me know! I'll hook ya up!

"When does your schedule open for Booking?"

I was opening just 3 times a year, but currently, I'm booking based on client need. So simply shoot me an email and let me know! If you're on my email list - you'll receive invitations to book when I have special seasonal session events, or after a few days of first subscribing! 

"Do you do mini sessions?"

The simple answer is: irregularly, yes. Once in awhile the cause comes up to host a mini session event. Not usually more than once or twice a year. When they do come up they are catered to be very specific. To be notified of these... you guessed it: Get on my email list! 


"Where Are You Located,
and Where all do you serve?"

I live in Yreka, Ca and most of my shoots take place here and in the surrounding areas. However I will shoot from Mt. Shasta to Medford, Oregon often.  I will travel for sessions, outside of these areas for an additional cost. For anywhere beyond the zipcodes of Mt. Shasta and Medford, Oregon I will charge the standard government rate of 57.5 cents per mile unless I've already got a trip planned to a specific area. My preferred travel locations are Lodi and Sacramento Area, Ca and Phoenix, AZ; Should you be located in one of these locations and want a session - sign up on the email list - there will occasionally special events taking place in which I will already be in those areas, and not charging for travel.  If you live in a preferred location and are hoping to book VHP for your wedding, you likely will not be charged the lodging portion of my travel fee. 

"How many photos will I receive?"

For a typical photo session, my minimum guarantee is 25 images. However, usually I will show more than that. Lifestyle sessions often result in many more. My usual delivery is 25-40 images in the digital gallery. The amount of prints you receive is entirely up to what you purchase in addition at your reveal and ordering session!


"How much For a Photo Shoot?"

Did you see the Investment Basics page and are still looking for more details? Lot's of people just want to know... "how much?" Our society is pretty prone to price shopping. And trust me, I get it. The financial aspect and your budget is important. But please don't minimize what you're investing in. Take a good look at the quality & style of my work, and the way my sessions work to decide VHP is right for you.  My session fee is $300 which includes digital images, but print & product purchases are made after your photo shoot is complete. Many clients spend at least $300 but many average around $600-900 at their ordering session. If you would like to know more about details of what prints and products I offer, or what they are going to cost; you can subscribe to my email list. You'll receive information about products, services and more details on pricing.